Bernie wants Clemency!

On June 29th, 2009 Bernie Madoff faces sentencing in US District Court.  Today Bernie’s attorney told sentencing Judge Denny Chin – what he should do for Bernie!  “Bernie will speak to the Judge at the Sentencing Hearing on the 29th!”  How kind of the good Bernie!  “Bernie will show contrition…..and say he is sorry!”  What a guy!  Bernie then “wants the Judge to give him 12 years since according to actuarial tables, life for Bernie would be about 13 years!” – actually, minus time served and with good behavior maybe make that a realistic three years and eight months!

Let’s see……..will Bernie make any of his investors whole?  No!  Will he tell where he stashed over $50 billion dollars in Investor money?  No!  Did he attend Ken Lay’s funeral?  Who knows?  Will Bernie call Simon Wiesenthal and ask him for some more money to invest for his Center?  We wouldn’t be a bit surprised.  Simon passed away in 2005, but what about Elie Weisel?

What Bernie did would have “Normal” people put up against a wall and shot!  But then,  Normal people would not have been able to stay in their multi-million dollar high rise digs while awaiting trial….but Madoff did!  Bernie even got to stay with his wife Ruth and have friends and family stop by to chat whenever he wanted….but, Normal people would have understood that they may have made an error in judgement.  Finally, a few days before trial Madoff was taken into custody!  No, Bernie Madoff is special and should be treated as such!

OK Bernie how about this:  The Judge gives you 12 – 12 year sentences successively!  That’s 144 years……which if you serve 3 years on each would only be 36-38 years actually served before you get out.  Since you have $50 Billion dollars hidden away in various places around the world…it should be no problem to find adequate medical care to keep you alive for a mere 36 more years!  Hey, if you die…..they can cryogenically freeze dry you like Walt Disney or Ted Williams!

From The Free Dictionary..

“successive sentences n. in criminal law, the imposition of the penalty for each of several crimes, one after the other, as compared to “concurrent sentences” (at the same time). Example: Carl Convict has been found guilty of manslaughter, assault with a deadly weapon, and armed robbery, for which the maximum sentences are 15 years, 10 years, and 10 years, respectively. By imposing successive sentences, the judge adds the terms together and sentences Convict to 35 years. Had the judge made the sentences concurrent, the maximum total would be 15 years.”


So US District Court Judge Denny Chin will make his choice on Monday, June 29th, 2009.  Perhaps everyone should send a quick to venerable Judge Chin, suggesting “Successive Sentencing” for the biggest lying Ponzi Scheme Champ in history!  We may want to send a pretty strong message to those that might to follow in Mr. Madoff’s footsteps!

Let us watch which White Collar Prison Bernie will be attending as well.  We certainly don’t want him someplace that John Gotti or Al Capone…..would want to be….would we?  Maybe when they close Guantanemo….Bernie can go there…….and live peacefully by himself in perpetual solitary confinement.  Nah….that would be too nice!

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