As Goes Maine…?

In a shocking development, it appears that not all Democrats are as economically ignorant as Barack Obama, who now advocates taxing every time an American flips a lightswitch, or in a Libertarians case, blows gas. In Maine, the Democrats have actually passed tax and spending CUTS in their state.

The class-warfare crowd in Washington wants bigger government and higher tax rates, so it’s a bit shocking to see that a group of Northeastern Democrats are slashing tax rates. Yet that is exactly what Maine’s politicians are doing. The Governor even makes the common-sense observation (that so far has escaped President Obama’s attention) that there won’t be any jobs without investors and entrepreneurs.

So when will California leftists and Democrats get it?  Its doubtful the class warfare dupes and the welfare pimps here ever will. They’re more concerned with demonstrating that they “care” about working families by cutting child deductions and killing jobs. Great job Democrats! Keep up the good work!

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The new law junks the state’s graduated income tax structure with a top rate of 8.5% and replaces it with a simple 6.5% flat rate tax on almost everyone. Those with earnings above $250,000 will pay a surtax rate of 0.35%, for a 6.85% rate. Maine’s tax rate will fall to 20th from seventh highest among the states. To offset the lower rates and a larger family deduction, the plan cuts the state budget by some $300 million to $5.8 billion, closes tax loopholes and expands the 5% state sales tax to services that have been exempt, such as ski lift tickets.

Will the blue-faced crew get the family friendly message?

One question is how Democrats in Augusta were able to withstand the cries by interest groups of “tax cuts for the rich?” Mr. Baldacci’s snappy reply: “Without employers, you don’t have employees.” He adds: “The best social services program is a job.”

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