Santa Ana City Manager Dave Ream coming unglued as his budget deficit balloons by millions!

Is Santa Ana City Manager Dave Ream finally going to retire now that his city budget has been gutted?

Ruh-roh!  It might be time for Santa Ana City Manager Dave Ream to retire.  His city budget is literally taking on water – and he appears to have few answers.

“City officials plan to carve more than $25 million from the heart of the city budget – the so-called “general fund” that pays for everything from police patrols to park maintenance. But after what happened Tuesday, even that may not be enough,” according to the O.C. Register.

With the failure of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lame propositions this week, he is now on the verge of raiding city coffers.  “If he does, Santa Ana – the biggest city in Orange County – would have to come up with another $5.7 million in cuts. That “would be crippling,” City Manager David Ream wrote this week in a memo to the City Council.”

I’ll tell you what is crippling – having the doddering, out of touch Ream as your City Manager!  This dude hails from the Paleolithic era.  Time to put him in a museum!

The problem is that Ream’s heir, which is likely to be Assistant City Manager Catherine Standiford, has a reputation for fee increases.  This lady won’t cut the waste that has accumulated under Ream – she will stick us with the bill!

There are several reasons why Santa Ana is in a fix.  According to the O.C. Register, “the sales tax – has fallen nearly 20 percent since last year. And it has been working for months, without success, to get concessions such as pay freezes or work furloughs from one of the main city unions.”

Moreover, those generous public employee pensions are wreaking havoc on the budget too – and will continue to do so ad infinitum.  Wonder how much Ream’s pension will be?  Perhaps $300K a year until he finally drops dead?

And Ream has a tendency to pay thousands of dollars to his buddies who are retired city managers for “consulting services.”  Waste, waste, and more waste!

I hear that the cuts will finally include police and fire.  Good.  Perhaps their unions will finally realize that getting in bed with Ream and Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido is bad for them and bad for all of us.  Realistically, we need to look at moving our police and fire services to the County of Orange.  There is money to be saved here!

What about Pulido?  When will he finally run for the hills?  And what sort of bloodbath will ensue for the Mayor’s seat?  You know Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez will rush to claim it – but she may have to take on Pulido’s boy Vince Sarmiento for that “honor.”  Awesome!  She will go ballistic – and probably win – which will cause mass casualties amongst Santa Ana’s “Usual Suspects,” who hate her even more than they hate me!

Memo to Ream and Pulido – you reap what you sow…

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