CA Initiative A to F Smackdown!

The following is an extract from the 48th Congressional District: The John Campbell Newletter.

Don’t bother to answer any questions at the bottom…but you can – kind of get the jest of the situation however.  Elected officials in the California Legislature have an all time low approval rating:  Anywhere from; 11% to 21%, to 26% to the high of 35% sometime way back when!  Depending on which study group you consider viable.   Rasmussen or whoever!

Our question is:  “How do these politicians still get elected?”  Hey, isn’t it always?:  “Everyone sucks…but our guy!”  This seems to be the prevailing wisdom and reliable indicator – when it comes to re-electing anyone.  We still don’t ask enough:  “Who are you hanging with?”…who are the people supporting you and where do you get your campaign money?  Who are the people on your staff?  And..what are their backgrounds?  How about just one question: “Did you want to raise our taxes…and did you vote for that?”

Initiatives A thru F have been put up by these bought and paid off list of Democrats and Republicans….who are supposed to be public servants – serving us in the State Legislature.  “Anyone” that might suggest that we triple the car tax or triple our State Taxes… pay off a variety of Public Service Unions……needs to be sent a message: “NO….not now….NOT EVER!” 

This is a very tough election in that “the people” will have to go out of their way… get to the polls and make their voices heard.  There is no national election, no other County or City issues to consider.  So, as you watch those Dad and Son television Ads, or hear the Radio Spots for “Yes”…remember this:  These are the same “bought and paid for” politicians that are bankrolled by the enemies of regular citizens, who are going to have to pay the toll……at the end of the trail.  “SO LET’S NOT!”  And say we did!

As you peruse the extract below….remember for A thru F:



“California Borrowing: The State of California is in deep fiscal trouble as all of you fellow residents of the Golden State probably know. Within about 2 months, the State of California needs to sell $15 billion in short term (1-2 years) notes or the state will run out of cash in July. The State Treasurer Bill Lockyer believes that the debt issue will fail because there won’t be enough buyers for the debt given the state’s low credit rating. If this happens, there are no provisions in federal law for a state to go bankrupt so if California runs out of cash it cannot discharge debts. It will have to decide who it can pay and pay them and give the rest IOUs. Obviously, this would pretty much be the nightmare scenario for the state. California has asked for the federal government (FDIC, Treasury, or whoever) to guarantee this debt. Apparently, New York, Illinois, and several cities are not far behind California in this problem. A proposal is floating around for the feds to guarantee all debt of municipalities and states that request it. One side believes that a federal guarantee will simply reward the failures of some to balance their budgets and will encourage more of the same in the future while putting federal taxpayers on the hook for billions more in debt that may never be paid off. Others believe that California is “too big to fail,” and since we have bailed out companies why not bail out governments. You think:

a) That’s crazy. Don’t do it. Let them work out their own problems.

b) We have to do this because too many government services depend on solvent state and local governments.

c) How about a middle ground. We guarantee state debt only (not municipal) for a large fee so that states won’t do it unless they have no other option.”
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