Red Clownty circles the wagons around the latest bad Republican, Diane Harkey

Jerbal – the #1 paid OC GOP Shill, is now covering up for Diane Harkey

Red Clownty’s new CEO, Chip Hanlon, says that his blog is now going to go after “bad” Republicans.  But, as one might expect, that is B.S.  They are already circling the wagons around Assemblywoman Diane Harkey, who has become embroiled in a financial scandal involving her husband Dan’s investment company.

Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham is leading the defense of the Harkeys, which is no surprise as he is the king of the GOP shills in the O.C.  Here is what he wrote about the Harkey scandal back on Feb. 18:

PCF deals in interest-deed investments — essentially functioning as a bank, and attempting to make money like a bank does. I feel sorry for the folks who are upset that in at least some instances, they own foreclosed properties rather than reaping bid returns from real estate developments — but then again, they aren’t exactly the only Americans whose investment portfolios have suffered.

As to the question of whether PFC money funded Diane Harkey’s Assembly ands Senate campaigns? I don’t know. And neither to the group of PCF investors who are raising that question. Diane Harkey says the $1.1 million she put inot her campaign is her own, and thus far no one has provided evidence to the contrary.

On Feb. 24, Red Clownty ran a letter written by Dan Harkey, defending him and his wife.  No other blog picked up that letter.  Harkey wrote that “The complaint alleges “on information and belief” that Diane is an owner and employee of Point Center and used investor money for her campaigns.  In fact, Diane does not have an ownership interest in Point Center, is not an employee or officer here and most certainly did not pay for her campaign with investor money. ”

We now know that Diane Harkey was in fact highly involved in her husband’s company.  Chris Reed put it this way in a recent editorial, “But a follow-up Register report said Diane Harkey had been listed as a Point Center official in state documents and in campaign disclosure forms for two political donations to other GOP candidates. Harkey’s own “statement of economic interests” said she received more than $100,000 in annual income from a rental property that happens to be Point Center’s headquarters. She also appears to be backing away from her claim that she didn’t use her husband’s money for political purposes.”

On March 23, Jerbal wrote in a Red Clownty post that Harkey’s business “basically functions as a bank of second-resort, making money by loaning money to developers. If the development project succeeds, PCF investor make money. If the development fails, PCF investors own a lot of real estate that isn’t as valuable as it once was. ”

Then Jerbal dropped a whopper, “The pertinent question is whether or not Diane Harkey has done anything illegal. So far, I haven’t seen a single shred of evidence to that effect.”

Really Matt?  On March 17, Martin Wisckol wrote this in the O.C. Register, “…public documents have listed her as both an officer and an employee of the company; her financial disclosure forms indicate limited personal assets and she indicated Thursday that her political spending has included money from her husband’s earnings. Campaign disclosure forms show she’s spent $2.1 million on political campaigns since 2004.”

And today, Jerbal libeled the main claimant against Dan Harkey, in a Red Clounty post where he wrote that “The lead plaintiff against Dan Harkey is just a foul-mouthed neigbhor who enjoys a cocktail now and again…and again….and again.”

Remember how Jerbal shilled for Carona after “America’s Sheriff” turned out to be “America’s Pervy Corrupt Sheriff?”  At least he’s consistent.  But so much for Hanlon’s promise that Red County will be going after “bad” Republicans.  Yeah right.

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