Another red-faced goon arrested in San Bernardino

It turns out that Republican hacks like free massages!

“A widening criminal probe of the San Bernardino County assessor’s office led to the arrest Thursday of James Erwin, chief of staff for county Supervisor Neil Derry and a former assistant assessor, on 10 felony counts including “failure to disclose receipt of prostitution and masseuse services,” according to the L.A. Times.

Masseuse services?  Oh my.  Our readers may recall that the former Red Clownty editor, Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham went ballistic when I criticized the Santa Ana City Council for banning massage parlors – and he lost it again when I applauded the move by the City of Santa Ana to allow them after all, with restrictions.  And now one of Jerbal’s red-faced compadres has been busted for using masseuse services.  Priceless!

Apparently Erwin received these services as gifts but did not disclose them.  You may recall that in January, Erwin’s old boss, “former Assessor Bill Postmus was arrested on suspicion of possessing methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.”

What is it with these 909 Republicans?  There must be something in the water out in San Bernardino.  That is also where GOP Assemblyman Anthony Adams hails from.  He is the squish who has been targeted for recall by John and Ken, because he voted for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s tax increase budget.  Click here to find out more about the recall effort.

The one bit of good news for the poor Republicans in San Bernardino is that Adams was forced out as Chairman of the San Bernardino Republican Party this week.  How this guy was ever put in charge of that party in the first place is worth pondering…

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