The $35 million Lou Correa would get for Orange County would COST us $1 billion

State Sen. Lou Correa is a smart fellow. But he must have taken that New New Math back in grade school instead of real math.

In return for selling his vote for the $14 billion tax increases in Gov. Arnold’s Budget Abomination, Lou extracted from his fellow Democrats, who run the Legislature, $35 million more in state spending for Orange County (for the first year; more in subsequent years — if state Democrats keep their word, which they might not).

But Orange County’s 3 million residents are 8% of California’s 37 million. 8% of the $14 billion tax increase is  $1.12 billion.

Next: $1.12 billion – $35 million = $1.085 billion. That’s how much Lou’s vote would cost Orange County.

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About John Seiler

I was an editorial writer at The Orange County Register for 19 years, until I took a buyout in 2006.