Penn Shows How The Ba’athi Left Hates America

Well, once again, Sean Penn, America’s poster boy for tolerance got on stage and told everybody what they are doing wrong. Too bad this poster boys tolerance is for countries like Iran, Venezuela and Cuba where they can throw your butt in jail and torture you for, well, nothing. And homosexuals, they torture them for fun. But those countries look good to a man like Penn and people who think like him.

And the Ba’athi Leftists in this country continue to shout for special rights for a minority. A minority that has something they want, apparently. What is it? Money, approval, a nice wardrobe? What do people who whore their views out because they think its popular really want?

Today, most Americans live under the rule of law. One rule governs everyone. Right now, everyone is governed by the same law: Marry ONE PERSON of the opposite sex. If the Ba’athis get their way, a minority will enjoy a right no one else can – to choose what marriage means to them. If these social anarchists really wanted to give EQUAL RIGHTS, as I’ve said, time and again, they would say that EVERYONE should be able to decide what marriage means. I’m not going into WHAT. If you are for gay marriage you have no moral authority to judge anyone else.

But no. That is not what they want. They are so eager to be a minority apparently, because a vast majority of even this center left state told them what they could do with their corrupt ideas. Like their namesakes in the middle east, they hope to control society with a radical minority calling the shots. They keep yapping away. Like a weiner dog at the heels of society. Hoping we will just say OK! FOR GODS SAKE JUST SHUT UP!

Not here. *Yes, I know its the Joker. Don’t try to delute the argument. Reminds me of Sean Penn.

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