Meg Whitman for Governor? I don’t think so!

Meg Whitman and her Republican Pals

“Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman, 52, a billionaire Republican businesswoman who built the online marketplace into a household name, has announced an exploratory committee to make a 2010 run for governor,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

I figured that there had to be something wrong with Whitman, given her support of last year’s failed GOP presidential candidate, John McCain, and sure enough the Chronicle revealed that Whitman’s campaign co-chair will be Mexican hater and former Governor Pete Wilson.  I also found the following on a website called

  • Whitman’s prior experience consisted of working as a marketing director at Hasbro, overseeing the global marketing of the Mr. Potato Head and Playskool brands.
  • Whitman was NOT a McCain supporter in the primaries, she was active as a co-chair in the campaign of Mitt Romney.
  • Her only notable charitable donations involve gifting $30 million to her alma mater Princeton university…..while eBay founder Pierre Omidyar has donated hundreds of millions to fund microfinance around the world and created the Omidyar Network.
  • Whitman lost billions of dollars when she overpaid for Skype.
  • Whitman was instrumental in purchasing a stake in CraigsList, despite the remaining shareholders’ objections….then proceeded to sue CraigsList.
  • eBay stole the patented technology that allowed the “Buy It Now” button to work properly (end a current auction with a purchase immediately), then fought to keep using it without paying the patent holder. Then continued to use it despite an order to cease, and eventually paid millions in a settlement….all under the direction of Whitman.
  • During her tenure at eBay, Whitman oversaw the #1 and #2 ranking sites for internet fraud, phishing and identity theft (eBay #1…..Paypal #2). BTW, that’s bad, it means those sites have the most fraud, not the least.
  • Despite millions of dollars of users money being stolen by fraud via eBay & Paypal, Whitman refused to implement any sort of verification process for users of eBay…for fear it would effect the stock value negatively.
  • Whitman has a horrible record when it comes to investing. The only two acquisitions that have resulted in good profits were former competitors – Paypal and Stubhub. Both companies that were beating eBay (in Payments and ticket auctions) were bought to reduce competition.
  • Paypal, which Whitman headed while at eBay, is not an FDIC insured bank.
  • It’s not a bank at all, and the only banking charter it has is on foreign soil.

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