AFP Conference call on $789 billion stimulus with Steve Moore, WSJ & Rep Minority Whip (R-VA) Eric Cantor

Having served on many Boards, and participating in numerous conference calls, today was a first. Late this afternoon I joined 10,600 concerned members of Americans for Prosperity as we participated in a one hour “special live tele-town hall with House Minority Whip (R-VA) Congressman Eric Cantor and economist Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal for an up-to-the-minute intelligence and details on the eve of the Congress’s final vote on the Pelosi/Reid/Obama trillion dollar “Stimulus” boondoggle.”

Tim Phillips, President, Americans for Prosperity, made it possible for us to either listen in and/or ask questions on all aspects of this massive stimulus package for which no one can answer the $64,000 question. How do we pay for it?

Right out of the gate was a question from Ann Marie in Pennsylvania who questioned the “health care provision.” Steve Moore responded that they are receiving calls that are running 20-30 to one against the plan. As to health care Steve said “this plan is a giant lurch to nationalized health care.” He cited as an example the possibility that seniors requiring a hip replacement may find that they are not covered for this procedure. He also said that second opinions may not be covered.

Steve said this stimulus is “beyond pork” and suggested we watch NY Senator Chuck Schumer on You Tube where he admits that “the American people don’t care” about pork projects in stimulus that can be viewed at this link.

Another caller asked “how are we going to afford this” to which Mr. Moore responded that our “federal spending will go to 35% of GDP. We are approaching European style socialism.” He followed by reminding us that right behind this Bill is an Omnibus spending Bill that will trail by one week.
Congressman Cantor advised us that “the stimulus Bill has NOT been printed yet.”

Gilbert commentary. Around 435 members of the House and upwards of 100 in the Senate will be voting blindly tomorrow. Query. Would you sign on the dotted line to purchase anything for hundreds of thousands of dollars no less $789 billion without reading the document? Are these elected officials simply following their marching orders to support the president without seeing the Contract that “House Democrats had promised at least 48 hours of public review before a vote?” Is this a case of follow me, trust us, and don’t ask questions?

Congressman Cantor reminded us that the stimulus comes on the heel of (the) $750 billion (TARP), to be followed by another TARP Bill for around one trillion, an Omnibus Bill for a half trillion and a Housing Bill for a half trillion.

He even pointed out that Harry Reid has included “$8 billion for high speed rail from CA to Vegas.”
The Minority Whip told us that Republicans did create a 5 point Economic Recovery Plan to “create twice the jobs at half the cost” (The Plan is found at this link.

Later in the town hall the Congressman said “we are on a glide path to spend 40% of our GDP this year alone.” There is “no sense of accountability.”

Readers. There is still time to contact your elected officials inside the beltway before they vote and share your concerns.

The House switchboard number is (202) 225-3121
To reach the Senate switchboard call (202) 224-3121.

Let me also urge you to join with 497,000 Americans and sign our petition that is found on our home page. Here is the link.

Larry Gilbert, Member, AFP

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