The Republican Morphing Machine!

Republicans used to be good.  Of course they were.  They “Re-invented America with Newt Gingrich!”  They were always the hard core Conservative voice that defended our right to keep and bear arms.  They always fought against “activist judges”.  They always were defending small business from invasive regulation.  They always defended the right of the unborn.  They were always guarding our right to speak and believe in whatever religion we wanted.  Ronald Reagan set the tone for three generations.  He said it just right and made us all proud.

But Government today has basicially become a Socialist self-sustaining machine.  FDR, LBJ, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton knew that!  Two famous Democrat quotes:  “Hell, sell it to the government….they’ll buy anything!” and “It doesn’t make a Tinkers Damn what the people think!”  Well, the Republicans got shaky right after Clinton.  We needed a clean cut image and Bush 43 and Laura have done a great job…keep up appearances!  In a policy sense, we have joined the Democratic landslide.  Arnold thought he could come in the Governor’s office and make a difference.  He didn’t sell it properly and lost all four of his most important Initiatives!  Arnold was upset and simply found out that even the Republicans weren’t on his team either!  That was a shock.  So, he just plain sold out and forget about it.  You can hardly blame him!

Republicans are “proud as punch” to tell you: “We don’t have the votes!”  What bull that is…..because when the Democrats lose a vote…..they grind on it forever.  Republicans have no “follow through”!  Well, it is a brand new year and a brand new Democratic Administration.  We were some of the many Republicans that were not going to buy a McCain-Palin Administration and voted for the First Black President!

Will it change anything?  Probably not much!  We are sure that the state of the Republican Party is on its last legs!  Why?  Because they didn’t protect the economy.  They didn’t protect the citizens from invasive government surveillance.  They let the greedy Hedge Fund and Derivative Managers steal away everyone’s Pension, Retirement, IRA, Roths and Mutual Funds.  Our Government has become a huge Socialist Republic.  Didn’t they alread do something like this before:  USSR…was it?

Well, the harsh reality is that Government will no longer be accountable to either Republican or Democrats.  It has become a huge Public-Private Partnership…….that sends “certain people” money to their Swiss Bank Accounts.  It is also a punitive government without ethical binding which allows “electeds” to raise money in any manner they find available.  Not because it is the right thing to do….but because they can!  Like the dog licking his tail….it is not so attractive!

The Republican Party may in fact need to start completely over.  They may need to make sure that the social improprieties that follow “paid off”, “play around” politicians are limited to various election volunteers only!  They need to get “Religion”.  Any religion by the way…we could care less…..just assume some ethical base for their existence.   All those that are found to be ethically challenged should be forced to resign immediately.  In the old days people were even kick out of their political party!  Maybe we need that again.

2009 will provide a moment in time to determine the fate of the Republican Party.  Unless they return to the days of protecting the 2nd, 1st, 4th and 5th Amendments…….they can all call it a day!  We don’t need latinos, asians, blacks, gays, soccer moms, seniors, evangelicals or American Indians in the Republican party……we just need honest and caring individuals that believe in our Republic!

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