O.C. Sheriff Sandra Hutchens’ campaign headed by greedy O.C. Fair Board Republicans

O.C. Sheriff Sandra Hutchens has been in the news lately for her stance on Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permits.  But in January she is launching her relection campaign with a fundraiser in Dana Point (see the graphic above).  Of particular interest is the fact that Dale Dykema, of both the O.C. Lincoln Club and the Republicans for a New Majority, is one of her backers.  Hutchen’s other Campaign Co-Chair is Julie Vandermost.

Both Vandermost and Dykema are members of the failure that is the O.C. Fair Board.  Debbie Carona, the indicted wife of disgraced former O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona, is also a member of this board.  Our readers may recall that Debbie gave a lot of O.C. Fair concert tickets away to friends and political backers of her hubby.

Why Hutchens is surrounding herself with greedy pig Republicans who raise the O.C. Fair rates every year while stuffing themselves with steak and lobster at taxpayer expense is beyond me.  Fortunately the State of California is now preventing Dykema and his pals from giving away all those O.C. Fair tickets.  Presumably they will also have to stop giving away gourmet meals at the O.C. Fair to their rich friends.

As for Hutchens, she is already in trouble due to her stance on CCW’s.  The only question to ponder now is who is going to rise up and challenge her?

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