Democrats selling out again

The Princess has declared her right to the New York Senate Seat vacated by Hillary Clinton. Caroline Kennedy has no experience, has given New Yorkers no notion of the evolution of her views, if there is any, and hardly deigns to answer a single question.

Up until yesterday, she hasn’t been able to answer a single question on her viability. Following in the footsteps of our new Secretary of State, she has gone on a “listening tour”. That’s where you listen, and say you’re listening, and talk about listening.

The only answer Princess Caroline had before yesterday was she was answering no questions because she was “following the process the governor set out.” Calls to the governors office by AP or other news agencies could get no confirmation of this “process”.

Following her appearance in Buffalo, she finally deigned to take three (3) questions from reporters. Her answer to her experience was: “I’ve worked in New York City public schools. I’ve written books on the Constitution, I’ve raised my family, and now it’s time, I think, with the problems we have, for me to be able to step forward and do more.”

Let me get this straight: worked in public schools, written a book, raised a family. And that makes you qualified? Sounds like a lot like Sarah Palin to me, but with a lot less merit and a lot less experience.

I can hear the “Ooohs” and “Aaaahs” already though at the thought of a Kennedy in that Senate seat, from people who live in perpetual eclipse their nose is so high in the air. It’s all different when the last name is Kennedy and the education is paid for from a trust fund.

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