Bisno representative accused of assault at neighborhood meeting

A Bisno Development representative is being accused of ripping a video camera out of the hands of a resident in Baldwin Park and damaging the camera, while also scratching the resident, according to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Of course the Bisno people are saying this did not happen, but the camera IS broken and there were many witnesses to the alleged assault.

The Bisno rep who attacked the lady in question said that some people at the meeting were “uncomfortable” about the taping of the neighborhood meeting, which was organized to discuss the massive eminent domain abuse that Bisno and the Baldwin Park City Council are trying to conduct in their downtown area.

Recently allies of Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, who has received thousands of dollars in contributions from Bisno, refused to let a candidates forum in south Santa Ana be taped for similar stupid reasons.  The Council challengers, including myself, boycotted the poorly attended meeting of the South Santa Ana Merchants Association.  Several of their board members flipped out but I was not assaulted.

Obviously the Bisno company, by opposing the taping of the meetings they are involved in, don’t understand freedom of speech.  Nor do Pulido’s allies here in Santa Ana.

Locally, Bisno’s “City Place” development has tanked and they have had to auction their over-priced condos for about half what they were initially asking for them.  (See picture above – Bisno is using human signs to promote his condo auctions).  The news is all bad for Bisno here in Santa Ana and north of us in Baldwin Park.

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