Matt “Jubal” Cunningham’s wife getting paid to hate

Matt “Jubal” Cunningham’s wife, Laura, has dug up her maiden name, Saucedo, tacked it on to her married name, and is now serving as the “Director of Latino Outreach” for the Prop. 8 campaign, according to the O.C. Weekly.  How disgusting.

How can Latinos get involved in this hate-filled campaign?  The same people propagating Prop. 8 want to deport Latinos!  The manager of this vile campaign is none other than Jeff Flint, Cunningham’s uber-right wing pal.

Prop. 8 is nothing more than an attempt to take away civil rights from the gay community.  Any Latino who backs this measure needs to remember the days when Latino youngsters were beaten for speaking in Spanish at school.

I grew up being called a Mexican, a wetback and a beaner.  I blew off these attacks – but they did hurt.  The same mentality that led my peers to hurl those epithets at me is now trying to take marriage away from the gay community.

I should not be surprised that Cunningham and his wife are supporting Prop. 8.  Matt also has supported John Urell, the Catholic monsignore who covered up for molestor priests.  Matt even published the names of some of the victims of molestation.  Nice family values there Matt.

This November 4, I encourage all of you, particularly my fellow Latinos, to say no to hate – say not to Cunningham and say not Jeff Flint.  Vote NO on Prop. 8!

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