Manipulate, Speculate & Regurgitate!

The last debate is over on the Presidential campaign trail.  McCain proved to those that took Discussion and Debate at the Naval Academy…..that they should have played football instead.  If this contest had been Harvard vs. Naval Academy in football…..McCain would have had a chance.  Instead it was more like sculls or a rowing race.  Obama’s steady stroke roared passed McCain half way through the course….and he never looked back.

Today was a very special day on the Stock Exchange.  Down almost 734 points gets most people’s attention.  Oh sure, it may go back up tomorrow 400 to 500 points….who knows?  The talk on CNBC was great…all about the fall in crude oil prices down to $73 plus a barrel.  “So, it was the speculators all the time!”….”No, No, No….it is the lowered economic expectations for the Chinese economy!”….”Hey, the actual cost of a barrel of oil for the Saudi’s is $80 bucks a barrel.”  “Oh really, then how come the actual production cost was $9 dollars a barrell last month?”  Meanwhile, Paulson says: “Not good!”

The exchanges were brisked.  Thought provoking and actually had a point.  It was pretty much a comedown to watch the Presidential Debates tonight and even contemplate the possibility that we would have to listen to John McCain for 4 years!  Thank goodness we have less than three weeks until this nightmare is over.  What will the Stock Market look like the morning after November 4th?  Hard to say.  Perhaps by then the reality will have sunk in that the Government owns all the banks just like in Ceasar Chavez land, maybe we will realize that the Government owns all the major corporations that cannot fail or are too big to fail……just like in Ceasar Chavez land, maybe by then we will know if the American people had the guts to send all the incumbents packing that voted for the Takeover, Bail Out and Merger of Government with Private Industry.  Luckily Venezuela has nice beaches!

Will our expectations be large enough?  Will our knowledge be enlarged enough?  Will our hearts be touched enough to do the right thing and throw the demons out?  Will our prayers for once – Work?

Or…Will the Manipulators, the Speculators and the Regurgitators……win out at the last minute?  Will oil fall to $28 dollars a barrel?  $60 dollars?  Or what?

Three weeks……then we can talk!

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