Did Mrs. Saucedo-Cunningham send Prop. 8 supporters to Santa Ana?

I just received the picture above from a friend of mine.  Yes on 8 protestors are standing at the corner of Bristol and 17th, in Santa Ana.  This is the campaign to outlaw gay marriage.  It is being run by hard-right Republicans.  They are trying to reach out to Latinos.  In fact they hired Matt “Jubal” Cunningham’s wife, who is a Latina, to run their public outreach campaign to Latinos.  And Jubal’s pal Jeff Flint is running the entire hate campaign.

So I wonder if Mrs. Jubal sent these people to Santa Ana today?  Don’t be fooled!  These people want your votes today – and later they want to deport your relatives, friends and neighbors. 

Latinos are the last people on earth who should embrace a measure that is anti-Civil Rights!  Vote No on Prop. 8!

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