Every man for himself!

Sooner or later we are all going to be consultants and work from our home offices. Hopefully we won’t end up like the poor guy in the picture above!

Think about it. Our economy is sinking quickly. Jobs are disappearing. Now more than ever Americans are going to have to figure out how to make money without actually working for someone.

This flies in the face of the labor movement which does not advance you if you are a better worker. Everyone sinks or swims together, like a herd of lemmings. And union organizers always talk about saving jobs and the like while they bleed companies dry and destroy their jobs. Look at what has happened in the auto manufacturing business where non-union Toyota workers make more money than the union workers being laid off by American auto manufacturers!

And the union grocery stores are slowly collapsing as well – eventually they will replace almost all the union jobs with automatic check stands where the public can process their groceries, bag them and pay for them without ever needing help from another human being.

I had lunch the other day with a lady who works for a contractor association that conducts apprenticeship training for non-union workers. They will pay to train you and find you great jobs while their union counterparts make you wait up to three years to get enrolled in an apprenticeship program. Is it any wonder that unions have lost so much of their market in construction?

We need to understand that we are now responsible for ourselves, period. It is up to us to continue to learn even in our adult years. It is up to us to leave an industry when it is dying and find work doing something else. Increasingly that work will come from consulting.

I have a friend who makes six figures designing and maintaining websites. He used to do the same work for various employers, who inevitably mistreated him and underpaid him. Now he makes twice as much and he calls the shots. And he gets to work from home I his pajamas!

Have you noticed how many people are selling products on the side to supplement their income? Everything from cosmetics to insurance and even vitamins can be bought from friends and relatives involved in multi-level product sales.

But the real money is in doing what my friend the webmaster did. Learning how to provide a service people will gladly pay for. He actually taught himself how to design websites. He never took any classes.

I, on the other hand, have taken dozens of courses to certify me as a safety trainer in a number of different areas. And in addition to my full time job I teach safety courses for four other organizations. I could do that full time now and make a fine living.

So as the Bush depression wears on think about what you might be able to do to create your own income. I could use a few advertising salespeople here at the Orange Juice, hint, hint… But as independent contractors of course.

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