Confirmed: Michele Martinez is running against Mayor Miguel Pulido

Michele Martinez

I heard tonight from a source in City Hall who said that Santa Ana Clowncil Member Michele Martinez apparently texted several of her peers on the City Clowncil today with an announcement that she is going to run against Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido this November.

This might have been a good idea a year ago, but after Measure D won, Martinez essentially sold out to Pulido. She quit her job at a predatory lender and Pulido got her a job on the Measure G campaign – so blame Martinez for helping to raise our property taxes as we are in the midst of the Bush Depression.

Martinez used to tell me that she hated opposing Pulido and the Clowncil because she didn’t like being shunned by them. That is one of the problems with Martinez. Being popular matters more to her than being right.

Michele voted no on the city budget this year, but not because it was too big, but rather because she felt it did not include enough expenditures for the youth. She also split with Pulido on Measure D. Aside from that, she has essentially voted with him close to 100%. I don’t know how she is going to differentiate herself from Pulido.

I know who I will be voting for in November – and it won’t be Martinez. I will be voting for my blog colleague, Thomas Gordon. He would be a far better Mayor than either Pulido or Martinez. Who knows? Maybe Pulido and Martinez will split the Latino vote…

I am told by the way that the Santa Ana Police Officer’s Association can’t wait to start launching negative mailers at Martinez. They don’t like it that she admitted to selling drugs when she was younger.

Martinez has also alienated most of her supporters, as few of them were happy when she became a Pulido hack. And she has angered other activists in the city. A businesswoman and resident in the Renaissance Plan area revealed last year that Martinez angered her when she kept saying that she was only interested in helping the youth. That’s obvious. Martinez screwed over all our retired folks and those with limited incomes when she worked on Measure G and when she voted to raise our water rates, not once but twice in the past year.

Pulido and his amigos will have an easy time destroying Martinez in November. Too bad. This could all have turned out quite differently. Instead my suggestion is Vote for Thomas Gordon for Mayor of Santa Ana!

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