Video Exclusive: OC GOP endorses Supervisor Janet Nguyen, Part 1

One of our pajaritos surreptitiously shot the videos you will see below, at Monday night’s OC GOP Central Committee meeting, when Supervisor Janet Nguyen was endorsed. Assemblyman Van Tran flew down from Sacramento to cause trouble at the meeting, but everything backfired in his face.

For starters, Tran’s assistants, Dave Everett and Saolo Londono, were seen distributing a nasty letter that bore the signature of Paul Lucas, the Democrat who ran against Tran in 2006 for the 68th Assembly District. OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh read the letter during the meeting and then he explained that he called Lucas, who denied what the letter said. Very strange. Baugh then referred to the letter as “gutter politics.” My pajarito caught Everett squirming on video as Baugh denounced him without naming him.

The clip below is part one. I will be putting part two up later tonight. These are the videos the Trannies don’t want you to watch…

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