Solorio meets Mexican President and invites him to visit his district

Apparently Assemblyman Jose Solorio met with Mexican President Felipe Calderon recently when he visited the Capitol. Take a look at the article below, which is from Solorio’s latest newsletter:

Mexican President Calderon Visits Sacramento

Assemblyman Solorio and other legislators welcomed President Calderon to the Capitol recently. In a face-to-face with the President, Solorio invited him to visit his district. “He appreciated the invitation and said he would consider coming,” the Assemblyman commented. Calderon drew thunderous applause in the Assemby Chambers when he said, “While my government is committed to protecting the rights of all Mexicans, including those living beyond our borders, we are taking great efforts to ensure that, in the future, no Mexican needs to leave our country to find job opportunities elsewhere.”

If Calderon does visit Santa Ana, I would love to meet him so I can tell him that Mayor Miguel Pulido supported Prop. 187 and he appointed a Minuteman to the Public Library Board!

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