Santa Ana facing gentrification by taxation

Homeowners in Santa Ana are already spending a third of their property taxes to pay back the first Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) construction bond and the Rancho Santiago Community College District construction bond. Now, the SAUSD is trying to pass yet another bond, Measure G. But the news gets worse, far worse.

Word has it that regardless of what happens to Measure G, the SAUSD school board is going to put yet ANOTHER school bond on the November ballot. And they aren’t the only ones going after our money. Pajaritos report that the Rancho Santiago Community College District’s Board of Education is also going to float another bond in November. And insiders at City Hall tell me that the City of Santa Ana’s City Council is planning to put a new parcel tax on the November ballot.

The net result of all these new taxes will likely be a DOUBLING of our property taxes! Santa Ana already leads Orange County in foreclosures. Imagine what will happen if we end up doubling our property taxes. Even more folks are going to lose their homes. I don’t know what retired folks are going to do. As for the working poor, it looks like they will have to work around the clock just to pay their property taxes.

These new taxes won’t just hurt homeowners. Renters can expect to see their rents skyrocket too. When you factor in the recession we are in, and the near collapse of the housing industry, it sure looks like the bad times are going to get even worse if Santa Ana’s politicians get their way. Which brings me to an important point. It is obvious what Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, who never met a new tax he didn’t like, is up to. He is trying to gentrify Santa Ana by doubling our property taxes. That way he can get rid of the working poor.

Pulido’s ally, developer Robert Bisno, will then swoop in and buy up entire neighborhoods. The housing stock will be demolished. In its place we will get more luxury condos and townhomes. And Pulido will realize his greatest dream, to drive his people out of the city and replace them with wealthy outsiders.

Pulido is not alone in this treachery. Expect the entire Santa Ana City Council to go along with these plans. And the same goes for most of the Rancho Santiago Community College District Trustees, particularly the Democratic ones.

What makes all of this even more intolerable is that the SAUSD bungled much of the first bond’s proceeds. They even spent a fortune to build a warehouse! And they misspent the Tustin settlement money too. Not to mention all of the millions of dollars they have frittered away due to fraud, corruption and startling ineptitude.

As for the Rancho Santiago Community College District, the fact is they spent most of their first bond on the Santiago Community College campus, which is nestled in the wealthy part of Orange. And they blew millions of dollars on the unnecessary Carona Sheriff Training Facility. Now they want us to tax ourselves again, but this time they are promising to spend the money at Santa Ana College. Yes, they want us to double tax ourselves. Lovely.

The sad thing is that we can expect little political opposition to all of these greedy plans to raise our property taxes. I expect that State Senator Lou Correa, Assemblyman Jose Solorio and Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez will support every one of these outrageous tax increases. These Democrats are going to screw their people and smile as they do it.

Now is the time to start calling your politicians and letting them know that YOU don’t want YOUR property taxes to double. And vote NO on Measure G!

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