DPOC goes with two sure losers on the June ballot

The Democratic Party of Orange County endorsed unknown attorney Hoa Van Tran tonight at their Central Committee meeting. The vote went 33 to 17. Van Tran is running against incumbent Supervisor Janet Nguyen, who has racked up impressive endorsements, while Van Tran has not picked up many at all.

In fact, he has not been endorsed by State Senator Lou Correa, Assemblyman Jose Solorio and Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez. Nor will he get their endorsements anytime soon. They know that Van Tran is going to lose. And they suspect that he is in league with his namesake, Mexican-hating Assemblyman Van Tran. Hoa Van Tran never speaks ill of the other Van Tran.

Santa Ana Councilman Sal Tinajero was recently featured one one of Van Tran’s campaign mailers. But even Sal has yet to endorse Van Tran.

One of Van Tran’s constituents summed up his chances of winning in the picture above. The endorsement by the DPOC will do NOTHING for him. The only question now is whether he will get less votes than Santa Ana Councilman Carlos “Space Commander” Bustamante did when he was trounced by Supervisor Nguyen.

The DPOC also endorsed the SAUSD’s Measure G, proving that they rather raise taxes than call for accountability at the worst school district in Orange County. That the DPOC wants to raise our property taxes even as Santa Ana leads the county in foreclosures and while our economy is deep in the Bush depression is just disgusting.

These endorsements are indicative of why the Democratic Party is the party that almost always loses in Orange County. I have a feeling that both Hoa Van Tran and Measure G are headed for ignoble failure in the June primary…


Red County is reporting that Hoa has screwed up his campaign finance reports. Apparently he has “failed to disclose niggling details like staff salaries and payments to vendors — you know, the little things.” And “As of today, Hoa still has not filed an amendment correcting that report and disclosing the salaries of campaign manager Edgrado Reynoso, as well as departed and extant campaign staff. Nor payments to Nationwide Printing Services.”

Why am I not surprised by these revelations? I have a feeling that the DPOC is going to rue endorsing this disaster of a candidate.

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