USC tells Trannies to take a hike

The O.C. Register is reporting that a group of “Westminster activists from Little Saigon,” which is code for “Trannies,” has threatened USC, because of a flag display that includes the flag of Vietnam. The Trannies think that USC should be flying the flag of South Vietnam – a country that has been extinct for a long time.

Irvine Valley College buckled last month and removed their entire flag display when Westminster Councilman Andy “Do you know who I am” Quach and Garden Grove Councilwoman “Ding Dong” Dina Nguyen showed up to protest and demanded the removal of the Vietnamese flag.

But USC is not Irvine Valley College. College officials at USC essentially told the Trannies to take a hike. Well done! That is exactly how these fascists should be handled. The U.S. is founded on individual liberty and free speech. If the Trannies don’t like that, too bad. Kudos to USC officials for not buckling to the threats. I can only assume that the Andy and Dina show will be showing up at USC soon…

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