Congratulations Supervisor Nguyen!

When the smoke cleared, no serious opponents to Supervisor Janet Nguyen emerged, as the filing deadline closed yesterday. Instead, she will face freshman Garden Grove Councilwoman Dina Nguyen, a Trannie Republican who screwed up her filing and had to refile on Friday; and Hoa Van Tran, a Trannie Democrat who was initially recruited to split the Democratic vote so that Joe Dunn could prevail. But Dunn chickened out.

The O.C. Register put it this way, “Supervisor Janet Nguyen will face yet another candidate named Nguyen as the race for her central district seat will offer an all-Vietnamese-American ticket for the first time in the county’s history.”

“B.K.” Trung Nguyen, the Trannie Supervisor Nguyen defeated last time, ran for the hills, saying he would instead run for the Garden Grove City Council, and Santa Ana Councilman David Benavides remembered he isn’t ready for prime time. And, as we posted yesterday, Paul Lucas opted to stay out and run for the Garden Grove City Council instead.

It is amazing that the Democrats are SO WEAK in central Orange County, which is supposed to be their stronghold in Orange County. You can spread the blame around for this development. O.C. Democratic Party Chairman Frank Barbaro deserves most of it, but so does State Senator Lou Correa, who was the Supervisor until he bolted for the State Senate. I think Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido is also at fault. He has so corrupted his fellow Council Members that none of them are viable for any other offices. And lastly, you can blame the wealthy white lawyers who fund and run the O.C. Democratic Party. They have wasted their time in the last few years on their peers, Tom Umberg and Joe Dunn. Now the cupboard is bare.

I am not the only one wondering what has happened to the suddenly lame O.C. Democratic Party, “The highest density district and we couldn’t find one candidate?” Lucas said, reflecting the sentiment of many Democrats.

At the end of the day, what this all means is that we can now congratulate Supervisor Janet Nguyen on her pending reelection. I am not going to bother waiting for the election. This race is over. It effectively ended on Friday.

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