Catching Obama Fever!

Having just returned from San Antonio, Texas after celebrating 20 years of marriage
to the Anna…was a pretty big deal. We stayed at the La Cantera Golf Resort…out
of town and off the 10 and 1604 loop! We renewed our vows at 1:00PM over looking the beautiful Golf Course! The restaurants are great and they made us a wonderful 20th Anniversary Wedding Cake – that was delicious for the six total in our party! Yes, and we saw The Alamo….got the T-Shirts and caps…yes, we saw the River Walk and took the great boat ride. The Seniors get the $5.00 ticket and the regulars pay the standard $7.50! It is sort of a Disneyland Jungle Ride for grown-ups! You learn a lot about the history of San Antonio and the water system and River Walk which is fed by a river and underground springs! We ate at the wonderful Shilos (She-Lows) Deli, which makes the best German Food in the Country. We couldn’t get to Mi Tierra Cafe and Bakery with the Mariachis…because our dear friend (currently undergoing Chemo) fainted in the middle of the street about a block from the restaurant. We went back to La Cantera Hotel and ordered in. We will go back to San Antonio again….and spend some time at Mi Tierra then!

Anyway, the CNN location truck was stuck right in front of the Alamo….Reporter
Ali Velshi was busy interviewing just about anyone that would stop by. So, being
the gigantic ham…..Ron got a chance to blab about Obama! Reporter Ali was pretty well shocked by the fact that a Conservative Republican was going to Opt Out of McCain in this election and go with Obama! At any rate, Obama Fever is running strong in the Lone Star State! Right now Obama 48%, Clinton 44% and Undecided 8%!

We strongly believe that Obama is going to sweep Texas. Bill Clinton is so panicked that he keeps talking about how “humble” you have to be to be President! The story
is however, that Obama looks stronger, more relaxed and more focused….as this race
goes on. There is every chance the his lead in Texas may in fact lap over to the
“Buckeye State”…Ohio! But we won’t have to wait long….this all comes about on
next Tuesday, March 4th!

We have friends on all three sides of this issue: Some are going to hold their
noses and just vote for McCain…in spite of the fact they know he can’t beat either
Democratic Candidate. Some single white females and disgruntled married women are
going for Hillary…primarily because they think that Hillary will be the only
chance for a female President in their life times! Finally, you have the blood and
guts…love him or hate him Obama supporters. They start with the “Obama Girl”
and roll all over the map..even to Louis Farrakan! Our dear friend hates Obama,
but can’t tell us why. He has even created an “Obama Nation” bumper sticker and
is busy working on the the Black and White T-Shirt…to go with it. Meanwhile,
Obama keeps attracting disgruntled Republicans, Right Wing Democrats and lots and
lots of young talent to the political scene….that finally are excited enough to
not only vote…but reach deeply into their wallets and give till it hurts! Yep,
Obama has broken the One Million mark for donations to his campaign. He’s pulling
bigger money numbers than Hillary by a sizable margin. Obama continues to keep
not only a smooth and unruffled manner..but in fact seems more professional than
at any time…up to this point.

Something to think on: Ralph Nader has thrown his hat into the ring and will be
taking more Hillary votes away. We doubt that these Nader’s Raiders are going to
be taking much away from Obama. In fact, Nader may brook a sizable part of his
traditional vote directly to Obama.

Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani was on Saturday Night Live….for Week-End Update!
Rudy’s broad smile and relaxed manner, gave us a twinge of remorse…..for going
with Obama…..but Rudy….had his choices! Obama Fever… now free to move
about the country. We still don’t understand how Hillary…who opened SNL last
night….”Live from New York…it’s Saturday Night!” still doesn’t get it. Her Sopranos take off Ad with Bill bombed with everyone and now she thinks she is hip enough to do SNL. She probably could have done better on MTV playing the Saxophone! We just can’t wait to see what happens on Tuesday in Ohio, to find out how effective she was on SNL!

Who Obama chooses as his running mate will be pivotal in whether he can win or not
against McCain. He can’t choose a black, Hillary, Al Gore, John Edwards or someone that is not mainstream. This may be his biggest challenge in the whole campaign! Texas…..if Obama wins there………..Whoa Nelly!!!!!

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