Maria Shriver endorses Senator Barack Obama

What a great day for Senator Barack Obama! Bill Clinton essentially apologized for his horrible statements and conduct over the past few weeks, in a series of appearances at African American churches in Los Angeles. But, according to the L.A. Times, “Clinton’s comments were overshadowed by an Obama rally at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion co-hosted by Oprah Winfrey, during which Shriver strode out unannounced and threw her support behind the freshman senator from Illinois. Shriver’s husband, Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, announced his support of Sen. John McCain last week, and the extended Kennedy family has split its support between Obama and Clinton.”

That’s right. Maria Shriver has endorsed Obama, while her husband, Gov. Schwarzenegger, has endorsed Senator John McCain. They have probably endorsed the likely winners of the California primary, proving themselves to be a visionary couple.

But wait, there’s more. O.C. Register editorial columnist Steven Greenhut wrote a column today that very closely mirrored my own sentiments – that Obama is an appealing candidate who is immensely preferable to Clinton. Here are a few excerpts from Greenhut’s column:

…I realize that there are worse things than if America becomes an Obama nation. Sure, Ron Paul speaks my language, but only the most myopic observers think his candidacy

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