If the SAUSD Trustees resign, I will vote for their bond!

SAUSD School Board Trustee Rob Richardson told us last night at the School Board meeting that the new bond he has proposed is “bigger than all of us.” Really? Well, if that is true Rob – why don’t you, Audrey Noji and Jose Hernandez resign, right now, to prove that the bond is not mere politics at work. If you three truly believe that the bond will “save the children,” then resign, right now, and prove it!

I will go as far as to say that if these three resign, and promise not to run for the SAUSD board again, I will vote for their bond measure. Of course I won’t have to vote for the bond measure because all of this IS merely politics. None of these trustees would EVER consider resigning. The truth is, they are proposing this bond in order to COVER UP for their horrible record. They are trying to distract us from the REAL issues facing SAUSD.

So resign already Rob. I truly doubt you will. The only way we will be rid of you, Noji and Hernandez will be to vote you bums out of office. We can do that in November to two of you. I can hardly wait! Vote NO on the new SAUSD bond measure!

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