Why was Perata driving a Charger?

By now you probably know that California State Senate Leader Don Perata was the victim of a carjacking the other day. Now there is a report that “The two men suspected of carjacking State Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata’s sporty car on Saturday were seen about an hour later using the car in a drag race, police said Monday.”

This car was provided by the state, i.e. us, to Perata. Why are our state legislators driving Chargers? Why are we providing them overpaid stiffs with such fancy cars? Or with any cars at all? I don’t understand why they cannot buy their own cars.

If only the robbers had been making a point about how wrong all this is. But I think they were just lawbreakers.

Perata by the way is a Democrat. Isn’t this the party of the poor? How does Perata justify buying a Charger with our tax money? It reminds me of Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, another Democrat, who drives a hybrid car provided by the AQMD – but he still picks up a regular car allowance check from the City of Santa Ana. Nice scam that one.

And consider something else…the Charger is a V8. This car is NOT good for the environment. Aren’t the Democrats the party that wants to save the environment? What’s up with Perata driving a gas-guzzler? If you go to his website, he is even calling for a reduction in car emissions! What a hypocrite!

Why aren’t the Democrats embarrassed by any of this? And why does anyone still believe they are here to help working people? Get a clue folks! They are just as drunk with power as the Republicans. Neither party gives a damn about us! They just want to get elected and then use our money to buy candy-red Chargers. Remember this when they come around asking for your vote in February! Vote no on Prop. 93 and end Perata’s career!

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