New blog in Santa Ana focuses on a mom’s perspective of the Renaissance Plan

There is a new blog in Santa Ana, started by a mother who has concerns about the proposed Renaissance Plan. Here is her description of her blog, which is called “Pimp my hood:”

This is a blog about a black mothers views on the Santa Ana Renaissance Specific Plan, and what it means for the future of her family living in the Logan Lacy Neighborhood. This blog is for people living in the Logan Lacy area and at the new Santiago Street Lofts to talk and chat about their feelings about the RSP plan.

The blog’s editor, who calls herself “Two Fisted Mama,” also included a brief bio about herself:

The good lord blessed me with 5 wonderful kids. They are my life and my strength and I don’t tolerate nobody messin with my kids. I am one two fisted mama bear that you dont wanna mess with! I’ve lived in Santa Ana all my life and I’ve seen it change from pretty good to bad to worse, and now that we finally got a plan to fix things some scared people wanna screw it all up. Well I say we got nowhere to go but up. Im tired of the crime. I’m tired of the drugs.This town is my home and I aint never leaving it- but that dont mean that I like what its become. I like nice things same as anybody. How come we cant have a nice downtown like that Orange Circle up there? Or that downtown fullerton? We’re more historic, been around longer, got more tax dollars to spend than any of those places. Why not build us a downtown like it says up there on that water tower? I say its time to PIMP THIS HOOD.

You can read the blogger’s full profile at this link.

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging “Two Fisted Mama!”

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