Who does Sal Tinajero serve?

Sean Mill said something to me, yesterday, while we were on the phone that bears further scrutiny. He said that “the Democrats” wanted Thomas Gordon removed from the EPIC/Gang Commission. Mill then said that Councilman Sal Tinajero removed Gordon because “the Democrats” wanted him to.

Really? I thought Tinajero was elected to serve ALL of his constituents! Apparently he only serves his Democratic constituents.

The fact is, Gordon has the support of many Democrats in Santa Ana. Secondly, our Council Members serve in a non-partisan capacity, or at least they are supposed to. Lastly, wasn’t Tinajero once a Republican? So was Mill!

So who does Tinajero really serve? As far as I can tell, he serves only himself. Aside from Mill, I don’t know anyone who supports Tinajero at this point. He has lost whatever supporters he had by removing Gordon, not voting to televise all our City Council meetings, and by putting the fraudulent Measure D on the ballot.

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