Stop the Golden West College Costco Project!

The proposal by the City of Huntington Beach to build a Costco on part of Golden West College, in Huntington Beach, has blown up in the face of the City and Coast Community College District (CCCD) Trustees.

While a proposal to build the mega store on Orange Coast Community College District land is in its infancy, residents from Huntington Beach and Westminster are joining forces to smack down the proposal before it gains momentum.

Here are some excerpts from an article by the O.C. Register, which details the community uprising against the project:

More than a hundred have signed a petition, and city officials from Westminster have even stepped into the fray. The Westminster City Council passed a resolution in October condemning the project.

“I’m troubled that college officials did this without letting us know,” said Westminster Councilman Kermit Marsh, who worked with others in 1999 to fight a residential project in the area and won.

“They promised us that they wouldn’t do anything in that area without letting us know,” he said. “They basically snuck behind our backs and did this, which is what makes it outrageous.”

The L.A. Times set up a bulletin board regarding the proposed Costco, at this link.

The newspapers did not however tell their readers how to contact the Huntington Beach City Council or the CCCD Trustees. You can contact all the members of the H.B. City Council by clicking here. As for the CCCD Trustees, here is their contact information:

If the name “Armando Ruiz” sounds familiar, that’s because he is already infamous for ripping off the taxpayers. “The Orange County Register (June 3, 2005) reported that Coast Community College District Trustee Armando Ruiz won’t resign despite complaints about increasing his pension ten-fold by retiring, then immediately running for re-election. He said, “I earned my pension. I think the real issue should be the excellent quality education students have received in this district during the 21 years I’ve been here.” On October 31, he retired and won re-election as an incumbent two days later. The newspaper reported that he took advantage of a legal loophole in state law, since closed, that let him inflate his pension from his part-time district job. It went from $5,000 per year to an estimated $54,000 annually.”

These Trustees are all crusty politicians who have been hacking away for years, to wit:

  • Jerry Patterson lives in Fountain Valley. He is a former city attorney for a number of cities. He is a former Congressman and former Mayor of Santa Ana. He is married to Linda Moulton-Patterson, the former Mayor of Huntington Beach.
  • Mary Hornbuckle is a former member of the Costa Mesa City Council. She still lives in Costa Mesa.
  • Walter Howald, like Patterson, is an attorney. He lives in Corona del Mar. He claims to have prior experience with educational legislation and lobbying.
  • Jim Moreno lives in Huntington Beach. He is a former senior deputy to an L.A. County Supervisor.
  • Armando Ruiz lives in Huntington Beach. As you read above, he is a craven thief of taxpayer money.

Now is the time to contact these Trustees and demand that the Costco project be canceled. If they do vote for it, they deserve to be recalled or defeated when they come up for reelection. My advice to the people who live in this college district is to pay more attention to whom they vote for.

We have the very same problem in Santa Ana, where our college trustees and Santa Ana College administrators were asleep at the wheel while the fire alarms and fire suppression systems at Santa Ana College were malfunctioning – since 2005.

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