OC Register’s Mark Landsbaum’s brilliant global warming solution

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Remove equivalent of 1 million SUVs – hold your breath

November 13th, 2007 · posted by Mark Landsbaum

Someone might want to check the math on this. We worked it up in a hurry.

But if it’s accurate, we’ve struck on a painless, cost-free way to reduce greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. It’s the equivalent of removing a million SUVs from the road!

Track with us here:

Each human exhales .001837186 ounces of CO2 per breath
Each human takes 17,280 breaths a day, based on 12 breaths a minute
Each human exhales 1.98416 pounds of CO2 a day at 12 breaths a minute
Each human exhales 724 pounds of CO2 a year If we reduce our breathing from 12 breaths a minute to 11 the savings will be . . .

525,600 breaths saved a year
966 ounces of CO2 saved a year per person If we all work together . . .

301,139,947 – the U.S. population
9,087,130 tons – the amount of CO2 we can save if everyone in the US reduces from 12 to 11 breaths a minute Which is significant because . . .

9 tons – the amount of CO2 created a year from one SUV logging 12,000 miles

1,004,858 – the number SUVs to generate same tonnage saved if everyone breathed 11 times rather than 12 a minute.

LG Comment. While this may be one solution, don’t hold your breath waiting for the government to address this high profile debate.

Special thanks to Mark for sending me a copy of his Orange Punch blog post

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