Dianne’s Republican Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time Players

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No resemblance to actual herd of Republican U.S. Senate candidates implied (although the expression on the one on the right does look a bit like Orly's.)

As a public service to the readers of the Juice, I am bringing forth my perspectives on the Republican Party candidates.  Just as Greg Diamond eloquently took us on a tour of the Democratic Party candidates, I am going to take you on a journey of the Republican B-Team ready to get slaughtered by the Democratic Party’s corporatist powerhouse Senator Dianne Feinstein.  Since many of these candidates are not going to get much ink in print and online media I will be pleased to grill them as best as I can.

Welcome to your 2012 US Senate Not Ready for Prime Time Players.

John Boruff is a San Diego businessman running for the office. John has run an auto parts business and successfully expanded it to the southwest  United States. As someone who ran a successful business he wants to use the same energy and drive to make America better and get her back on track.

Oscar Alejandro Braun His goal for his senate campaign is to advocate for environmental awareness, in particular the watersheds and ecosystems that exist in our state.

Greg Conlon is a perennial candidate based in the Silicon Valley. Greg is a retired CPA and was the Republican nominee for State Treasurer back in 2002. Greg received over three million votes ten years ago and did fairly well back then, but still could not beat Phil Angelides.

Elizabeth Emken is the California Republican Party’s endorsed candidate, but she has failed to ignite the voters – Feinstein is polling at 51% while all the other candidates have no more than 2% support each.  Many conservative activists are annoyed that she has contradictory views on Obama’s health care plan, once supporting it because she wanted to make sure Autism would covered in the legislation.  Many Republicans resent how she was endorsed while other viable Republicans were swept in the dust because they refused to pay the $500 tribute to the state party for consideration.  It might have been better for the endorsement to be done during the state party convention at least, it would have brought more participation and more admission tickets for the state party while being more democratic in nature.

Rogelio T. Gloria is a former naval officer running for office. Gloria’s main issue is about energy policy, making sure that Californians have affordable energy to spark the economy of our state.  Another issue that may have problems is aligning congressional districts to counties which violates Reynolds v. Sims, one congressional member for Los Angeles County is plainly lucid as an example.

Dan Hughes is a business owner and he is endorsed by conservative stalwart Chuck De Vore.  His main priorities are tax reform, regulatory reform and “meaningful” health care reform.

Dennis Jackson wants to shrink the size of government and maintain our sovereignty despite the temptations of globalization.  His priorities are energy independence, securing our borders, and maintaining self-reliance as individuals, families and businesses learn to sink or swim.

Dirk Allen Konopik is a veteran and student who is running his campaign on a Christian-centric focus. However I find this a political liability because, despite his religiosity, it’s highly unlikely that many in ethnic minority communities who may share his religiosity may support his economic views, and they will still vote for Obama and Feinstein even though they may be pro-choice and pro-LGBT equality. If you want the pro-choice voters and the secular voters to run away to Feinstein, Dirk is your man.

Donald Krampe is a military veteran, works with fellow veterans to help those returning to find gainful employment, and is also known as a motivational speaker.  Donald wants to bring back civil discourse and trust into our politics; he wants to make sure education institutions teach people how to think for themselves not what to think, and to encourage transparency of the federal reserve.

Robert Lauten Robert wants to revive the depression era regulation that separated securities firms with commercial banking to prevent any future economic crisis’s that happened in the 1920s and 2008 such as the derivatives. Securities firms should be free to speculate on industries but they should be not be bailed out like what happened in the recent recession. Robert also believes in a national bank and infrastructure project to help create opportunity.  [ED note – Robert, apparently a local who frequently comments on both this blog and the Liberal OC, is also a follower of Lyndon LaRouche, which means, among other more eccentric things, that he prioritizes re-instating Glass-Steagall – something many of us Democrats agree with him on. – VN]

Al Ramirez Al previously ran in 2010, and he actually won the influential endorsement of the California Republican Assembly volunteer club. Al is a former business executive and wants to reform California’s economy.

Nachum Shifren Nachum is an Orthodox rabbi looking to reform the system.  He is also known as the surfing rabbi. Crime, national security and education are his chief issues.

Orly Taitz is the most famous of the Republican candidates.  She is Orange County’s favorite dentist-slash-lawyer who wants to make sure to find out the true story about the origins of President Obama, claiming his social security number is not really his and his birth certificate is not genuine.  Sadly due to her name ID she is the front runner and Feinstein might actually get a record vote total.  I am tempted to vote for Orly because it would make Abel and Charles Munger’s vision for Proposition 14 a cloudy one.

Rick Williams Rick is a lawyer and devotee of Ron Paul’s ideas. Rick is endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus and if you like Ron Paul, Rick deserves your vote.  If you want to cut spending and end the Federal Reserve, he is your candidate.  Personally I voted for Rick as my choice for US Senate.  I feel that if we get more candidates like Rick Williams nominated to represent our party we will be able to save the California Republican Party from total doom.

Who is the best Republican to vote for? That is a mighty tough choice; there is no front runner so it is anyone’s game. Find your favorite Republican and pray that they do not get beaten by another Democratic Party candidate due to the free-for-all nature of the contest this June. Electoral viability is highly questionable so cast a vote and hope for the best.

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