Tonight, a Double-Header of Public-Private Ripoffs! (Costa Mesa / Fairgrounds, Huntington Beach / Poseidon.)

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La Femme Wonkita has said it before, on public access TV no less:  When the public hears the phrase “Public-Private Partnership,” what they need to hear is “Bend over.” Tonight, the Tuesday after Labor Day, Orange County will enjoy a Double Header of these monstrosities, in both Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach.

The ongoing saga of the Orange County Fairgrounds continues at Costa Mesa City Hall, starting at 6 pm, where the City Council, acting as the Orange County Fairgrounds Authority (OCFA) is poised to agree to a fifty five year lease with Facilities Management West.  As detailed previously, the public part of this public/private partnership will consist of an annual meeting during which OCFA will make “comments and suggestions” on the annual business plan for activities at the fairgrounds.  If you had any illusions as to the part ordinary residents might have in this parody of public participation, the draft lease specifies that several of the relevant documents will be “proprietary”, which means they won’t be subject to the public disclosure normally required under the Brown Act and Public Records Act.

Also at 6 pm, Poseidon:  The Sequel will play out at Huntington Beach City Hall.    In 2006, the Huntington Beach City Council approved the construction of a seawater desalination plant to be operated in conjunction with the AES Huntington Beach Generating Station on Newland near Pacific Coast Highway.  That project never completed the approval process.  Please read my more extensive coverage in my other article today, Poseidon, the Garbage Barge of the Desalination Industry.” And show up at ONE of these events, represent, and REFUSE TO BEND OVER!

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