Healthcare 101!

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Anthem Blue Cross, Wellpoint, Democrats, Republicans, The Poor, The Rich, the Retired, The Young….those with Pre-Existing Issues, those that are not legal immigrants, Those that could care less…..Those that will pay less or nothing!  Big Pharma rubs its collective hands together – gleefully!

Ever heard the term “Political Football”?  Expanding Heathcare to 15 million people or 30 million people is just that…..A Political Football.  Right now the usual suspects (Heath Insurance Companies) have taken this opportunity to increase their annual rates by as much 228% for their base.  “Their Base” mind you are the people they currently carry as Insured.

The game is on…..and the Insurance Companies have no qualms about raising rates indiscriminately…while the “feeding frenzy” of Dems vs. Reps continues like a game of curling at the Olympics!  Can Insurance Companies in fact validate their proposed rate increases?  “Liars figure but figures don’t lie!” – so they say.  Actually, they will raise their rates forever…..who will be the wiser?  One thing for certain….they want “everyone in the pool”.  They want anyone that doesn’t have insurance  to pay punitive penalties….lots of them!  These are NAZI infiltrators and they want mandatory participation!  These are the same folks that invested in Sub-Prime Mortgages and Credit Default Swaps… ease their bottom lines.  They are the ones that created the term: Diversify!   These are the same people that pay their CEO’s millions and millions of dollars to reject anyone with a Pre-Existing Issue!

The future is looking dim.  If we get National Healthcare…….no one will be able to get service and there will be even  more de-facto rationing for everything but standard band-aids.  If we don’t get National Heathcare….the Insurance Companies will continue to buy up all the competitive companies, with more mergers and acquisitions and Healthcare Premiums will skyrocket! Sounds like time for some old fashioned Richard M. Nixon “Wage and Price Controls” for Healthcare Insurers doesn’t it?  These greedy slime “want it all”!  The biggie of course is to do away with Malpractice and Tort protections!  They want to make this the same National Healthcare System they have in the United Kingdom!  This is the same UK National Healthcare that continues to kill people without any ability to sue the doctors or the government.  This is an unusually bad idea!

So, what needs to be done?   Easy folks…expand Medicare!  Fund Medicare and bring in only those that make under $50,000 a year for a family of four or more.  This would also apply to people who are out on “Disability” and eligible for that payment from Social Security.  Additionally, we need to make Heath Insurance affordable for small business.  Those businesses with more than five employees and less than 100.  These are the perfect targets for Insurance Cooperatives and Exchanges.  Again these should be “voluntary programs”…not mandatory for anyone.  They should be affordable and be solely funded by the government directly to the Insurers… that the actual Insured person does not have to pay anything but an affordable co-pay to go see the doctor.  The Goverment sets the fee schedule and the coverage!  The Government pays the evil Insurance Company for any of these signed up  people!

The Catastrophic Coverage “Red Herring” needs to be included in any of these programs without additional cost.  If you are ever diagnosed with Cancer, lose a leg in car accident or have an IED go off in your neighborhood, by no fault of your own… should be covered.  Everyone should be provided that coverage. 

Our heart does go out to President Obama….who we believe wants to do good.  The problem is the same as it was when Bill and Hillary tried to change things….only Bill and Hillary thought they could just roll over everyone and get it done.  They were wrong then and unless the President is willing to make some serious compromises… will not be done again!  Just getting rid of those terrible HMO’s completely will be a great service to every American.  If you really wanted to scare the younger generation Mr. President….just tell them that unless they get regular Health Insurance…the Government will put them into a HMO randomly!

President Obama should have told those politically posturing Republicans at that joint Healthcare Conference the same thing.  “Stay on point or we will take away your Congressional Insurance and put you in an HMO!”

“These are times that try men’s souls!”  Thomas Paine 1777

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