President Sex-Assault Open Thread!

This was the day America learned that it’s difficult for a woman to be sure whether Ex-President Trump is actually RAPING her, or if that is just his tiny little fingers down there still. Important to know, in case that ever happens to you!

But this is an OPEN thread, such as we haven’t had in a few weeks, so you don’t HAVE to talk about President Sex-Assault, there are other things happening. On the national stage, Neshanian the Angry Armenian-American Twitter Habitué brings our attention to:


  • Displaced White Supremacist Tucker Carlson enthused about inaugurating a Twitter hatefest.

  • PILLOW GUY whines about not being able to welch on his promise to pay $5 million to anyone who could prove he’s a fucking Election Liar.

  • Closer to home, I see that perennial carpetbagging Democratic candidate Joe Kerr has thrown his hat into the ring against Young Kim, in the northeastern CD-40. Wait – does Joe even live in that district? No, Coto de Caza is NOT in that district. Well, that’s perfect I guess, as 1) it’s Joe Kerr, and 2) I’m pretty sure Young Kim doesn’t live there either. UPDATE – he actually moved into the district, to Trabuco. Good for him. I promise not to say anything bad about Joe this time, since we need as many Democrats in Congress as possible. And who knows – the folks in hazardous Silverado and Anaheim Hills might DIG a Fire Hero! [Although update – I’m told there will be another, female Democrat candidate – don’t know who yet.]
  • Let’s update some of our recent stories here, like this one on OCPA’s Probolsky firing: The Voice reports that the Board is just “over the moon” about their new TEMPORARY CEO – their old Communications Guy – and they drop plenty of hints they’d like him to apply to be permanent. A communications guy really? Well, he does look like he has more experience in the field than Probolsky did, which is saying nothing, but good luck to the fellow. (His name is Mosca? The Fly? Oh to be on the wall at those meetings. I’m told Treseder just confided to the public that her name is Cornish for “Keeper of the Trees,” and now I can’t stop thinking about Cornish Game Hen. Mmmm…)
  • We wrote about the Homelessness Prevention Act, SB 567, and with horror watched it get gutted by Umberg and Min in the Senate Judiciary Committee (obviously setting in motion some rotten karma but we won’t get into that right now.) The bill is still worth fighting for, as it strengthens eviction protections AND enforceability of existing renter-protection laws, and it goes next Monday to the Appropriations Committee, which features no OC Senators, which is probably a good thing unless it was Josh Newman.
  • At Varsity we happened to run into the protagonist of my “Biking While Black, in Anaheim” story (which is currently at 2,903 readers) and he gave us permission to use his name. And no wonder, as it is a way cool name – it is Jack White. Turns out that, after making him wait 25 minutes and trying unsuccessfully to convince him they were entitled to “pat him down for weapons,” the APD gave him a ticket for $360-something – pretty draconian and punitive for allegedly riding a bike on the wrong side of the road, and WALKING a bike against a red arrow. Meanwhile I think it’s fair to say that Donna’s video featured in that story has GONE VIRAL at 60,000 views and counting. But more importantly, how can Jack White fight that ticket?

Take it away Jack White!

So, talk about that or anything! Except, as usual, your sexual or violent fantasies about us OJ Bloggers (or anyone else) will find a final resting place in our trash folder.

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