Where “Stop Woke” comes to die: Protest DEATH-SANTIS in Anaheim!

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who yearns to shove past Donald Trump to be the next Republican nominee for President, and then be OUR President for 4 or 8 years, is coming to every Republican politician’s favorite ATM, Orange County, California. TODAY, Sunday March 5, (5:30 pm reception and 7pm dinner.) LET’S PROTEST AT 5, till at least 6!

And I know where, even though the OC GOP has been trying to keep the location secret. I was trying to keep it secret till the last minute too so that they wouldn’t find out that we know and move it. But apparently the secret’s out – it’ll be at the Westin Hotel on Katella in Anaheim, across from Disneyland!

Have you been following this guy in the news? Hard to say who’s worse and meaner, between him and Trump. Don’t you think there should be a protest? He loves to bray that “Florida is where WOKE comes to die!” and is famous for his stupid, mean “STOP WOKE” Act. I’d like to tell him:

The OC is where “Stop Woke” comes to die.

I’ll be adding more to this story as the day goes on… but please plan to show up at 5 with signs! Mine’ll look like this:

Sunday morning – OK I’m back. I had no idea Newsbreak would pick this up and damn near 2000 readers have already seen this this morning. So let me share a few thoughs:

Thought 1

Some ask: “Why should we care who the Republicans pick for their candidate? We can worry about that later!” Some say, “Isn’t he at least better than Trump?” which is really hard to answer. Some say, “Doesn’t it help him in the Republican primary, when Republicans see Democrats protesting him?” All good points. But we should anyway. Both he and Trump are execrable, and terrible for America, and we should be establishing WHY, early on. Plus it’s FUN to protest an asshole!

Thought 2

It’s ironic that this guy whose motto is “STOP WOKE” comes to Anaheim just ten days after Senate candidate Barbara Lee, who for years has finished her speeches with “STAY WOKE!” She’s been saying it since long before it became a cliche and a caricature of “politically correct,” and she explained to us last week that it means “STAY VIGILANT.” This DeSantis PUTZ latched onto it and started using it as a noun, to refer to anything or anyone more decent than him, which means everyone and everything. (Except for maybe Trump.)

Thought 3

Any of us who watch the news have our own special reasons for detesting this smirking twerp. Maybe yours is

  • how he packs off hundreds of Latin-American refugees and flies em north with false promises of jobs and shelter, just to be funny
  • how he fights against the teaching of American history and other topics
  • (add more more more here)

MINE is how he has been throwing (mainly black) people in jail JUST FOR VOTING… when they were actually given voter registration cards. (These were folks who’d committed crimes in the past, but thought it was legal to vote. And they were taken to jail by embarrassed cops who apologized. – “This is what the Governor ordered.”

Thought 4

He said of the great Dr Fauci, “Someone should grab that little elf and chuck him across the Potomac.” But have you seen this DeSantis guy? Sure he’s been getting fat and all, but this was a rock thrown from a Little Elf Glass House. Let’s toss that Fat Troll back across the Continental US!

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