Scott Baugh, Pedophile. [With VIDEO.]

Dan C posted this story on the Liberal OC, but it was so unsatisfying, so deficient in rage, considering the pure evil of the lie Scott Baugh told about Congresswoman Katie Porter. (Dan concluded that Santa should put Baugh on his “naughty list.”) Mostly, Dan just re-posted an accurate but bland CNN fact-check piece detailing how the bitter, defeated lobbyist “mischaracterized” something innocent his victorious opponent had said. But some lies are worse than others, and in this case the very least I can do is to illustrate and entitle (accurately) this story the way I have here.

Basically, Katie, in the course of a hearing regarding Twitter’s community standards, pointed out the well-known fact that LGBTQ people, in this current anachronistic “culture war,” keep getting falsely and dangerously tarred as “groomers” and “pedophiles” by today’s social-conservative asshats. And the bitter liar Baugh turned that observation inside-out and upside-down, tweeting:

“Katie Porter says pedophilia isn’t a crime – it’s an identity. Congresswoman Katie Porter’s comments are extremely appalling and disturbing. I’ll make sure voters remember her alarming views in 2024.”

I take it this is Scott promising that his next campaign against Katie will be even more full of lies, and worse ones, than his 2022 campaign was. Scott is not an idiot. He knows that is not what Katie said. And he also knows that half of the nimrods following him are Q-anon freaks obsessed with pedophilia, and predisposed to believe Democrats fuck and eat kids.

And he knows these myths of Democrat child abuse have driven true believers to frenzies of violence, like with that Pizzagate rifleman. And he knows that gay Twitter official Yoel Roth had to go into hiding last week because of all the death threats he got when Elon Musk suggested he was sympathetic to pedophilia.

And Scott Baugh knows that, not only will most of his followers not bother to check on what Katie actually said, but some of them will repeat, exaggerate, and amplify his claims. And sure enough right on cue, Ronny Jackson, a Texas congressman and bonafide cretin (pictured below) tweeted to his HALF-MILLION FOLLOWERS:

“Katie Porter just said that pedophilia isn’t a crime, she said it’s an ‘identity.’ THIS IS THE EMBODIMENT OF EVIL! The sad thing is that this woman isn’t the only VILE person pushing for pedophilia normalization. This is what progressives believe!”

I remember when Crazy Dana Rohrabacher was around, and how he used to make Scott Baugh look like “the sane one.” But we see once again how the Midas Touch of Donald Trump has turned EVERY Republican politician into a piece of shit. Vern out.


UPDATE 12/27

I see that Dan is hoping Scott sues me for libel over this story – Scott and Dan can knock themselves out. Dan also linked to a FOX “News” report on Katie’s statements – just listen to these two imbeciles play two obviously yanked-out-of-context clips of Katie and then beat the hell out of that strawman!

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