Michelle Steel, the Anti-American Candidate.

I’ve written a few times about what I consider OC’s most important Congressional race – between Jay Chen and Michelle Steel – and the Steel camp’s shamelessly dishonest, racist, and anti-American attacks on Jay.

Since my writings, those attacks have doubled, nay, QUADRUPLED DOWN. It’s all they’ve got apparently. To try to convince Asian voters that Taiwanese-American candidate Jay Chen is a secret Chinese Communist plant, and hope it is still 1950-something.

This has made the news, it’s so outrageous. Fox 11 was VERY FAIR. And that moron Steel refuses to appear ANYWHERE to back up her slanders…

So there was a big PROTEST outside the moron’s headquarters in Buena Park Saturday morning, and I showed up – I was the only non-Asian there, besides the Times reporter. And after a while I realized I was not exactly on the same page as the other protesters. My thing was, as I’ve written before, the Orwellian absurdity of:

  • the wife of a corrupt old codger who’s taken money from ACTUAL CHINESE COMMUNIST OFFICIALS to hook them up with the Trump administration, having the unimaginable cojones to
  • red-bait a decorated veteran who protected South Korea from Michelle’s native, Communist North Korea.

Whereas, it seemed most of the protesters were upset about Steel’s “dividing the Asian community,” and didn’t care one way or the other about so-called “Communism.” After unsuccessfully trying my Korean words on the crowd there, I realized MOST of them were Americans of Chinese or Taiwanese descent (and a few Viets.) And that’s sad too. The Steel camp has made the gamble that they can demonize the district’s Asians that AREN’T Korean. (You can watch a little of my video if you like, it doesn’t seem to embed here…)


I’d say – wouldn’t you? – that all of this ugliness adds ONE MORE REASON to vote for Jay Chen over Michelle Steel – this kind of politics needs to be stowed away firmly in the stinky past.

(whoops, tore this down. And stepped on it.)

My BIG apology is to you, the reader – as I walked past the little counter-protest in front of Steel’s office, I encountered the waif-like Shawn Steel himself, who to one degree or another is running all this shit. Damn he is tiny. But my phone battery had died so I couldn’t confront him to ask if his wife is EVER going to justify herself in person. HA. We KNOW what she sounds like when someone hasn’t written a script for her.

And what is up with some asshole mayor of Cypress, named Paolo Morales (right) who claims to be a Democrat but was acting as emcee of Michelle’s little show? I know there are Democrats I don’t agree with, ones who are more conservative or timid, ones I have differences with, but I never could have imagined that there would be A DEMOCRAT WHO WOULD SUPPORT THIS BRAIN-DEAD, ANTI-WOMEN’S-RIGHTS, SLANDEROUS FASCIST LADY OVER SOMEONE AS GOOD AS JAY CHEN, right when American democracy desperately needs to retain a majority – how can this be? And will Cypress please vote this bastard out? (The ass pictured at right?)

That’s all. Let’s put this thing to bed, District 45!

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