Katie Porter voted for Branda Lin, Treseder & Agran in Irvine!

I wrote recently about JUST SOME of the reasons that nobody (except for well-connected developers) should vote to re-elect Farrah Khan for Irvine mayor. One of those reasons was the fact that Farrah had stabbed priceless Congresswoman Katie Porter in the back by leaking texts critical of the local police to FOX NEWS – giving Republicans a weapon they’re busy trying to use against her. I’d assumed at the time that Katie had endorsed Farrah, and that it was too late for her to change that endorsement.

D’OH! (In a good way.) Katie has been telling voters – and I wish she would make this public, STAT! – that she voted for Branda Lin for Mayor, and Dr. Kathleen Treseder and Larry Agran for Council – exactly the folks I endorsed.

(Hazzard confirmed to me that Katie included Kathleen in her slate, even though she’s not mentioned in this screenshot.)

But wait, didn’t Katie Porter endorse Farrah? The Liberal OC’s Dan Chmielewski keeps saying that she did.

NO. THAT was in 2020, back when a LOT of us still had higher hopes for the character of Farrah Khan. I remember sitting with her at a Democrats For America dinner, six or seven years ago – and like most people I was stupidly impressed. (I think I was stupidly impressed by Jordan Brandman at the same place a few years earlier.)

Did I mention that Farrah lies a lot, just like her mentor Melahat Rafiei, and their stenographer Chmielewski? They have been recycling that 2020 endorsement as though it were current, and Katie should really say something about that. In fact, Dan had been using that supposed endorsement as some kind of “proof” that Farrah wouldn’t rat out Katie – “Why would she do that to her most famous endorser?” Well, Katie is NOT her endorser.

While I have your attention, let me blow up another Dan/Melahat lie (as propagated on the Melahat OC.) They want you to think it stretches credulity that Farrahat could have had a deal with Probolsky that, as long as he was kept CEO of the OCPA, he would do his darnedest to get Farrah onto the California Coastal Commission (which thank God didn’t come to fruition, she has no business there.)

The bogus argument (which was also my first thoughts) was “How could a GOP putz like Probolsky get her through the Dem-controlled State Senate?” and sure enough Senate president Toni Atkins doesn’t know from any Probolsky. Well, no, what Probolsky did, and successfully – with admirable energy – was to get Farrah through the initial process of beng nominated by a council of OC cities, still dominated by his Republican cronies. Get her up to a height from which she could tumble. So yeah, that deal is hell of credible.

I know there were some more lies from Dan/Farrah/Melahat that I wanted to blow up here but I’ll add em in later when I remember.

Meanwhile, who has been throwing a bunch of money toward Farrah and against her enemies? I won’t make you guess too long. The ATLAS PAC, a hardcore rightwing group and very dishonest. Still thinking of voting Farrah, Irvine Democrats? Please don’t…

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