Vaccine vs Abortion Rights?

No Moral Equivalency on what to do with your own body? This is the Republicants argument FOR denying Women the right to choose.

As the Supreme Court holds the lives of 100 million American women in their hands on whether to have an incestuous child, a deformed child, a child by rape, a child that will guarantee them a deprived life, a child that will suffer from want or being wanted all their lives and more… is strange that Republicants around the nation have no qualms about saying “THEY have a right to choose when it comes to vaccination!”

The differences beg several questions. The first one is our Social Responsibility to others. We follow vehicular laws, criminal laws, Social Contracts and moral responsibility in society, to keep society balanced and truthful.
When someone says: “I already had the Corvid-19 virus and now I have singular immunity..”and I don’t need to get a Vaccination, what they forget is that they could in fact be a “Typhoid Mary carrier” of the virus, which they could easily be passed on to others – even if they don’t get tested and then find they have Covid-19 Delta or Omicron or even a future Omega. These people refuse to care about anyone: including family and friends and business associates they may come in contact with that may have even had their vaccinations, just not the mutation the so-called immune person is carrying. They are lacking a Moral Responsibility much as those that refused to go into the draft during World War II, Korea or Vietnam!

The 2nd issue to look into is whether Public Employees and those that deal with the Public on a regular basis should be required to be vaccinated. If you are a Fireman, Policeman, Bureaucrat, Politician, Entertainment Industry, Restaurant Industry or even throw peanuts at a Dodger game……you should be vaccinated to secure the lives of those that you serve and benefit from financially. If you work in a Bank, if you work at a SuperMarket, Retail store or even at a FedEX office, you need to be vaccinated.

The 3rd issue is that of Abortion. The termination of a pregnancy due to a variety of reasons. First of all, unless you are a women that is carrying this so-called life… should have no say in the matter. No Pope, Reverend, Priest, Cardinal, Nun or Believer, or Husband – other than the woman involved should be able to make a determination that will affect a women’s life forever. This is not a Social Contract Responsibility. The woman’s choice has to be hers and hers alone. If she needs assistance in making that decision, from either a family member or organized religion of any sort is totally up to her.

To walk a mile in someone’s shoes can only be done when one is in the exact same situation or has endured the issue before in their lives. Relating to a 11 year old girl pregnant from her abusive drunken father may require the intervention of the authorities. However, after the age of consent it then becomes the choice of the party involved and impacted. Some may want to have the child of someone who may have raped them. Some may want the child of 5 men that raped her at a party when she was drunk or doing drugs. Some may not. Some may want to bring to term an hydrocephalus fetus, a deformed fetus or a fetus without a brain or arms and legs. That is there choice, not that of the state.

There is definitely not any Moral Equivalency between Abortion and Vaccination, because one issue Abortion; only affects one human being, while Vaccination may affect thousands of others. When you enter the Public Sector, either in the Military or other areas, you are required to protect the lives of others. “Protect and Defend”. In that light, it does not become “Optional” to take certain vaccinations required for the position at hand. There is a Moral Responsibility to both your fellow workers and associates to protect them and yourself in spite of your own personal conceptional ideas or morays! Should children be required to have small pox, polio and measles vaccinations?

It is our hope, that the Supreme Court, with a dark Conservative ruling; will not cost the Republican Party, not only the elections of 2022 and 2024 by reversing Roe vs Wade, through adoption of the Mississippi law – but any moral authority over 100 women in the United States forever. What’s next? reversing the 19th Amendment – no more right to vote for women? Just in case Republican Men and the Catholic Church have forgotten – the Pill came out in 1960 and that changed the world.

Women in the United States, need to be Vaccinated but must be able to choose when and where and how they have children or do anything with their bodies. Social Responsibility should stop at the bedroom door – that you very much!

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