The recent meeting of most of the world’s powers in Glasgow, Scotland was interesting to observe. The many conclusions found, discovered or uncovered all darted around the subject of overpopulation. The general consensus was that there is too much CO2 chasing too little Oxygen; on the planet and where the Oxygen is drained and allow Methane to become the main source of pollution on the planet. Some say it will take 12 years and others say 75 years or more. Judging from current population estimates and life expectancy, most of us are going to be here “when the lights go out in Georgia!”

When you think about Coal…..many mining activities and Oil Derivatives that contribute to Methane in our environment, we may have to think back to the days of the Gold Rush in 1848 and before in areas around the Erie Canal. The pollution, killed fish, polluted the water supply and made people live a lot less and certainly not longer.

When you think about the Gasoline powered vehicles which we have created at the turn of the 20th century and before, we used Oil based gasoline, refined or fracked that was designed to create low octane gasoline. Kerosene was used in many small motors, but did not have the Octane rating to run high powered engines efficiently. Then came the addition of Lead to the Gasoline which removed the early ignition of the fuel. Lead was a fairly big molecule which polluted areas around gas stations and storage facilities from spills and leaks. It seldom entered the water supply. Well meaning Environmentalists asked the Oil Companies to come up with something else which did not cause cancer because people tended to only spill the gas on their hands. In those days, we also had gas station attendants that put their lives at risk’ rather than the average citizen.

The Oil companies then removed the Lead and added MTBE. Methyl Tert-Butyl Either, which tends to run directly into the water table because it has a much smaller molecule make up. Now our entire water supply has become home for perchlorate, heavy metals and other rocket fuels which are consumed by cattle, cows and babies and others who drink that milk. When MTBE was found to be hazardous Gas Companies came up with Ethanol, from corn stocks. Of course Ethanol clogs the engines of our fossil fuel autos and small engines and motorized equipment. The Airlines don’t use it……and either do our Jet Fighter planes or bombers. Only the Mid-west Farmers love this one!

We are now on the verge of moving to a Lithium Based Economy. As a result, Regulations will be required in all Mining Operations, the Rehab of all vehicle batteries and Government Regulations of what the cost are and how much the Lithium Mining Interests (Oil Companies again?) are profiting from their income. Electric, Autonomous Driven Vehicles are here, but presently only 3 to 4% of the total vehicles purchased. The current Chip Shortage of course is Manufactured to keep those Old New Fossils off the road while they ramp up the production of Electric Vehicles. The Oil Shortage is Manufactured by the Oil Companies to crank up the pump prices and make giant income because of the so-called supply shortage, along with collecting taxes for state government. Ever wonder why Not Only OPEC but Russia and others are keeping the Supply shortage going? Why are we restricting imports from Iran?

The truth is that we have a severe Overpopulation problem. We have 7.8 Billion people on a planet that can only sustain. 9.5 Billion. That number will be reached between 2030 and 2050. At best 19 years!

Are there solutions? Yes, but this will require over-turning our complete economic model of existence. Crypto Currency? Maybe? Other solutions? Maybe? In the meantime, we are going to go through some difficult times, no matter who is in charge.

Interesting to note, that China recently just stepped back from its One Child Policy ….to Three Children because it believes it has either the farming capacity or the cash to buy enough food for all its people.

Once our Polar Caps melt and our Oceans become Methane Lakes, the severe weather affecting our planet today will seem like childs’ play. We then will have constant Methane Rain, which will pollute the land, and nothing will grow. The Methane Rain will consume our water tables and we will have to have Methane Removing Refineries for some time to come just to have a potable water supply.. We will have to wear hazmat suits and find enough cash to buy oxygen just to breathe. For those than think that Climate Change, Global Warming or any other designation is just a hoax, they might turn themselves – in for a cognition test.

OVER POPULATION? It’s all up to you!

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