Monday Candlelight Vigil for unarmed Luis Manuel Garcia, killed by Tustin Police Aug 9

Vern here: This is published under Luis Huang’s name because he will be writing about this police murder victim, who was killed August 9 at 10 AM by Tustin police, 5 miles from Huang’s Irvine home. His name, first discovered by Luis’ friend Love Cameron, is Luis Manuel Garcia, and he had two daughters.  No doubt the Tustin police “feared for their lives” when they saw this unarmed homeless man emerge from some bushes and “approach them,” and had no choice but to open fire on him.  Good thing that under the new AB 1506 this case will be investigated by the State Attorney General, Rob Bonta, because you just know DA Spitzer would find a way to justify the killing after 14 months of procrastination.

Following – the initial Aug. 10 news story from The Times‘ Melissa Gomez, an open letter from Luis Huang, and an announcement of Monday’s Candlelight Vigil.  Huang will be investigating and writing about this case further on the Orange Juice Blog:

State Department of Justice is investigating fatal shooting by Tustin Police

by Melissa Gomez, Los Angeles Times, August 10, 2021

The state Department of Justice said Tuesday that it will investigate and review a case in which a Tustin police officer fatally shot a man.

About 10 a.m. Monday, Tustin police officers were responding to a report of a suspicious person near the 15400 block of Williams Street when a man “quickly came out of the bushes,” the Tustin Police Department said in a statement. The man was “advancing on the officers,” and one fatally shot him, the department said.

The man, who has not been identified, died at a hospital.

Following protocol, the police department notified the DOJ about the shooting. The California Police Shooting Investigation Team was deployed and is investigating the case.

The DOJ’s authority to investigate the shooting falls under AB 1506, which took effect July 1; the law allows the department to review police shootings involving unarmed people for potential criminal liability.

California Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta launched the investigation team in July. Bonta said that based on historic trends, he expects the team to investigate 40 to 50 fatal police shootings a year. The DOJ is reviewing another shooting involving two Los Angeles police officers.

Tustin Police Sgt. Matt Nunley said Tuesday night that the police department will cooperate with the independent investigation.

Open Letter from Luis M. Huang

To: Tustin Mayor Letitia Clark,
Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan,
CC Tustin Police Chief Hamel

Hope this email finds you well. The Garcia family is not doing well. My friends and allies are shedding tears and suffering insomnia.

Right now, this movement against Police Shooting Death by GSW from Law Enforcement Firearm (AB1506) is known only to a few concerned civilians… But this movement will grow. That’s my personal guarantee.

There is universal consensus amongst Dems and GOP and NPP and BLM and BIPOC and Homeless Advocates and M4A AB1400 and mental health advocates and human rights and civil rights attorneys and Cable News and opinion outlets etc etc etc: Unarmed victims should NOT be murdered by Law Enforcement Peace officers. Full Stop. (Akin to G. Floyd murder felony conviction of 2nd Degree unintentional homicide.)

Those who want some justice and dignity and peace of mind and vigil for Mr. Luis Manuel Garcia, I doubt we can rest. We look to our leaders. Now. For leadership. For healing. For something. Can we receive some assistance on a Candlelight Vigil? Can the Garcia family receive some information as to the whereabouts of Mr. Garcia? Can they receive some counseling??

Thank you.
Pained and Powerless, Luis M. Huang, Civilian, Husband, Irvine resident – August 19, 2021.

Candlelight Vigil for Luis Manuel Garcia
Monday August 23, 6 PM
15400 Williams St, Tustin, CA 92780

Please join us in a candlelight vigil/protest for an unarmed member of our community who was shot and killed by Tustin PD on Aug. 9, 2021. He was struggling with homelessness and mental health issues. We don’t have much detail about this because the cops are not releasing any information and the family is in the dark. We need the truth. We want justice! No justice? No peace! Monday, Aug 23rd will be 2 weeks! Bring a candle and a sign and help us get some answers and maybe closure for the family.

About Luis Huang in Irvine

Raised in the suburbs of San Francisco, UCSD 2009 Alumni, Electrical Engineer, Solar Energy and Clean Energy Advocate, community activist, IG enthusiast, boba drink lover, and former candidate for Irvine mayor.