Latest Clown Crusade: a Report from the 4/7/21 OC Board of Education Meeting!

This and the other illustrations below are included to represent the fatuous and febrile projections of the Insane Clown Crusade (largely the same as the Insane Coup Posse) onto people who believe in the safety of the Covid vaccines. Welcome to their inner world.

Have you heard about the latest Clown Crusade from OC’s fringe right?  Many of the same folks who in the summer railed against masks and how coronavirus was a “plandemic,” and who after November ranted that the election was stolen from Trump, some even traveling all the way to DC to try to overturn it – now the same folks are out in force screaming conspiracy theories about the Covid vaccines… and there seems to be even more of them!

Yesterday’s Board of Supervisors meeting was overrun by a couple hundred of these anti-vaxxers, bringing memories of the summer’s anti-mask raves – but that was preceded by last week’s OC Board of Education meeting, a venue that rarely draws more than a dozen viewers and commenters, but was deluged April 7 with nearly 200 furious and deluded fanatics, dragging out the meeting to 7 or 8 hours (just like the BoS meeting yesterday.) 

At both meetings one of the most, um, compelling speakers was the Costa Mesa “human rights attorney” Leigh Dundas.  Yes, the insurrectionist, Scientologist, long-time Anti-Vaxxer, doxxer of Dr. Quick’s address, and charter member of our Insane Coup Posse, who has evidently returned from her self-imposed exile in Mexico once she was assured that she wouldn’t be arrested for her Jan 5 & 6 speeches in DC calling for the execution of Democrats, because she hadn’t actually entered the Capitol.  Some of Leigh’s most salient points: 

  • These “experimental” vaccines contain “the Trans Gene” (which will change your gender) 
  • The last vaccine trial “killed ALL THE FERRETS” so now they have to experiment on US  
  • County Health Officer Clayton Chau is akin to the “Doctor of Death” Mengele with his fatal experiments on Romani children, and
  • “This is all on the internet and you can google it.”

But these folks’ real worry and belief is that OC schools are planning to force-vaccinate all THE CHILDREN without their parents’ consent.  Fact-check, although nothing will change these folks’ minds:

  • Nobody under 16 is going to be vaccinated;
  • Between 16 and 18 parental consent is required for vaccination;
  • the meeting between Chau and Superintendent Mijares was about setting up centers to vaccinate school EMPLOYEES and TEACHERS;
  • and NOBODDY is going to be force-vaccinated.

Forewarned and forearmed, enjoy your Daily Dose of Dundas:

NOTE 5/21 – YouTube took this video of mine down because it was “misinformation” –
DUH! I thought I had made that clear in my intro and title.
Fine, now it’s on Facebook.

The OC Board of Education is actually a more comfortable fit for Clown Crusaders than the increasingly moderate Board of Supervisors – in between acting as a rubber stamp for any and all charter schools that have been rejected by their own local boards, Clown Crusades are what the OCBoE does under Alpha Clown Ken Williams – endless costly frivolous lawsuits against the state, and against long-suffering Superintendent Mijares, over generally “Christian conservative” issues, lawsuits which always lose but get lots of applause from local Republicans and “Christians.”

We haven’t had enough coverage of that unpleasant Board since we unsuccessfully tried to change the majority by getting Andy Thorburn and Vicki Calhoun on it, but we are pleased to have made the acquaintance of a “Regular OCBoE Watcher” who provides the following report on the April 7 meeting, and will hopefully continue to do so in the future.  So here’s:

Your Regular OCBoE Watch

(guest columnist)

Hello, dear friends! Once again I’m feeling certain you’d like to know — ASAP — what’s-what regarding the OCBE’s latest political horror show.   THIS one being a public demonstration by OC political/religious folks that took place outside the meeting doors (later inside) this past Wednesday.  Folks there were protesting two things about which they hold deep beliefs:

First, they claimed, was the conniving decision by the OC Department of Public Health and the OC Superintendent of Schools to force-COVID-vaccinate OC’s school children without parental notice or consent. And Second, they were in a dither about is the state’s new mandate that school children, under the guise of Ethnic Studies, be required to chant religious messages to an Aztec god; a god “advocating human sacrifice and cannibalism.”

Both claims, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you, are pure paranoid fantasy.

Bedell, 1943 – 2021

What sad irony that former OCBE Trustee Jack Bedell (long-time reasonable moderate Republican who served till 2020 and was replaced by Tim Shaw) should pass away on the day of an OCBE meeting where the board was set to hire yet another attorney to give it the advice it seeks regarding its authority to mock and challenge all the good work of the OC Department of Ed under Superintendent Mijares. 

I had gone to the meeting Wednesday night to make a public comment regarding the proposed new hire. 

Generally, there are between 5-10 public folk attending an OCBE meeting.  But not last night.

When I arrived at just about 5 p.m. there were more than 200 people (my best estimate/count) gathered outside the board room door waving signs and hearing speeches angerly asserting that state and county health officials were planning to force-vaccinate their children without informing parents  — using their kids as “lab rats” and guinea pigs, they said.

[I note here too: Of the 200 or so folks there, a handful — I mean 5 or so — of us who were masked; and largely social distancing was not in practice].

The state too, they said with signs and claimed aloud, was also unlawfully taking away parental/constitutional rights to decide what the state will teach them, including the state’s most recent support mandating Ethnic Studies in schools.

That would, they said, violate parent’s/children’s religious freedoms because it would require — force — their children to memorize and glorify Aztec chants and lore to their savage gods who carried out human sacrifice and indulged in cannibalism.  Not only that, the forced Ethnic Studies curriculum, they said, was created to destroy the white race and Christianity. 

I was personally told these “facts” by two women in separate conversations who said they belonged to former OCBE Trustee Robert Hammond‘s church (Old Town Orange Calvary Chapel, I’m told) where they learned of these atrocities and were encouraged to attend. I noted too that, in fact, Robert Hammond himself was there in the crowd along with Trustee Mari Barke’s husband, Jeffrey Barke and Daniele Skruppa, the husband of Trustee Lisa Sparks.

While we were outdoors, and before the doors would normally open to admit public attendees, over 100 public comment speakers signed up to address the board regarding these same certainties and concerns.  I was assigned to be speaker # 92 – even though I advised I would not to address the vaccination concerns, but Item #11 on the agenda –  the  proposal to hire yet another board attorney to write three new opinions regarding the board’s authority over or with the OC Superintendent of Schools authority in three new administrative areas.

I waited outdoors for some 3+ hours to give my public comment, then had to leave as I was weary from standing; and later standing in the cold and dark.

This whole new OCBE-created and encouraged episode was appalling. Deeply saddening. I know in my heart that Jack Bedell would have been devastated as a humanist and as a sociologist to see and hear the remarkable fear and rage from those speakers who have been so misled — so misused.  It is truly heartbreaking.

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