Trump Dead-Enders Assault Three Santa Ana Locals

Vargas waits for a chance to get a punch in, but too many other Trumpies are waling on one felled local.

After our 2003 invasion of Iraq and killing of Saddam Hussein, a lot of the dictator’s Baathist forces went on fighting, and Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld used to refer to them as “dead-enders.”  As in, “There are a few scattered groups of dead-enders, nothing to take seriously, they’ll give up soon.”  While I despised that war, and Cheney, and Rumsfeld, I kinda liked that phrase “dead-enders” – people that pointlessly, desperately, go on fighting for a lost cause, hurtling toward a dead end.

Just so, we now have Trump Dead-Enders who, egged on by their clownish despot, refuse to accept that he lost this election fair and square.  So they hold rallies, they howl their frustration, and many of them are ready for violence, as their leader told them to “stand by.”  Earlier this month, tired of “preaching to the converted” in red areas like Huntington Beach and Yorba Linda, OC dead-enders began to plot, on their social media, the more macho idea of demonstrating in deep-blue, heavily immigrant, Latino Santa Ana, the most anti-Trump town in what’s actually an anti-Trump County.

And so it came to pass that on Sunday, December 6, folks driving past the northwest corner of Bristol and 17th – right across from Santa Ana College – were met with the spectacle of a Trump Dead-Ender Rally, chanting “Stop the Steal!”  And before you get the wrong idea, know that NOT ALL TRUMP DEAD-ENDERS ARE WHITE – there were on hand SEVERAL big fat Trumpy Mexicans, a couple of skinny weird young Trumpy Mexicans, and reportedly one or two Trumpy Samoans!

12-5 Santa Ana Trump Dead-Ender Rally, pre-Melee.  15 people waving 2 flags each almost looks like 30 people, huh?

So far, who cares, right?  People are gonna believe, and sometimes shout, whatever crazy shit they’re gonna believe and shout.  Early on, the following charming vignette did actually transpire:  This Trump-loving lady asked this Trump-loving man if he was here legally; he proudly responded yes and showed her his papers – after which everybody started proving their citizenship to everybody else:

But all told, these dead-enders did not behave well in Santa Ana, not at all.  The following video was shot and uploaded by one of the participants, believe it or not, a confused young Garden Grove man named Marco Alcaraz, who spent his hours on the corner dexterously juggling a camera-phone, a can of mace, and an ill-tempered German Shepherd on a leash.  (Here, from Marco’s now-blocked Facebook page, are a couple pics of him with likeminded folks, throwing down White Power signs even though he’s brown.)

So, the first minute or so of Marco’s video features the crazed steroid abuser Joe Vargas, hurling filthy language at young Latinas in passing cars, as some gross Trumpy lady raves about what a “real man” he is.  (The second car hurls a plastic water bottle back at the dead-enders.)  Oh yeah, first meet Vargas in HIS element, Nazi salutes and all:

Anyway, that’s Joe Vargas!  Back to December 6, 2020 – this is how Joe Vargas talks to the girls of Santa Ana (and Marco thinks it’s cool and funny!)

Well, if you saw all of that, you not only saw how the dead-enders were provoking the locals, you also saw part of the Bristol Melee, as videotaped by Marco Alcaraz.  Come, let’s figure out how THAT regrettable incident came to pass.

Our friend, videographer extraordinaire Jesse Perez, first caught wind of this rally about 3pm on a Facebook page called “Santa Ana Problems.”  Sensing this might be newsworthy, he headed down to Bristol and 17th, getting there around 4 and parking by Chipotle.

Nancy Horn, kindergarten teacher and Trump Dead-Ender

And soon after Jesse got there, three young locals who are already being called “The Santa Ana Three” (I was outvoted on the name) came walking across Bristol, on their way to Big Five Sporting Goods.  No, they were not there to cause trouble.  They wanted to purchase some handballs at Big Five.  But as soon as they stepped onto the Trumpy corner they were met with shouts of “Build the Wall!” and flags waved in their faces.  Jesse says they responded “Fuck Trump!” as most red-blooded Americans would.  (In a sign of which side is more civilized, the Three were wearing masks because there’s a pandemic going on, while NONE of the Trumpies were.)

The Trump Dead-enders claim that the Santa Ana Three started knocking over their merchandise and flipping over their “Recall Newsom” table, but Jesse who was close by says he did not see that happen, and we know that the Trumpies lied about a lot of other things that day (as we’ll detail later) so I tend to believe Jesse.  In any case as soon as Jesse saw an unidentified Trump-loving lady bash one of the Three on the head with a flagpole, he “went live.”

18 seconds into the above video, the Santa Ana Three, outnumbered, pepper-sprayed and stabbed KKK-style with flagpoles, are already in full retreat.  The big shaved-head guy sits down on the grass, rubbing his tearing, blinded eyes, as one nasty “coconut” taunts him in Spanish, “Keep crying maricón.”  (The big guy tells me he doesn’t remember anything after leaving the corner.)  Then they all start stumbling north up the sidewalk.  By the way, an SAPD sergeant has been watching all of this from across the street and doing nothing.

Pudgy pugilist Sorgente, hair fixed up for SanTana.

Then a savage rage grips the cowardly male Dead-enders as they see the despised Santa Ana locals in retreat, and they start running off after them to beat ’em some more (a few female Trumpies can be heard crying “Leave them alone!”)  Pudgy pugilist Kim Sorgente, always present at these things with his inseparable megaphone, slips off into the street to catch them from in front.  A little slow on the draw, Joe Vargas in his 45 jersey rushes to catch up with the mayhem!

By around the one minute mark four or five Trumpies have the big guy, blinded by mace, laid out on Bristol Street, as they take turns whacking, kicking, and macing him.  See how Sorgente thwacks the big guy on the head with his megaphone – it has more functions than just amplifying Kim’s poisonous words!

Mace Girl!

A girl I call “Mace Girl” – a young Latina whose real name is actually Allie Cantera – notices Marco having a hard time simultaneously 1) filming, 2) holding his enraged dog by the straining leash close enough to non-Trumpies to be threatening, and 3) squirting Mace at his enemies. So Mace Girl thoughtfully says “Give me that,” and takes over Mace detail, squirting even more into the big guy’s face.  (Later on Facebook she will call everybody “racist” for criticizing this action.)

Finally the Three manage to stagger away, one with a broken arm, one with a bleeding head … to the parking lot where the Santa Ana Police lying in wait handcuff them and lay them on the grass.  That’s right, they handcuffed the victims, as the lickspittle Trumpies cry out, “Thank you!  Thank you officers!  We love you!  We support the police!”  Waving their handy Thick-Blue-Line Flag.  You can view this disgusting unAmerican display around the 3-minute mark.

(By the way, what do you patriots think of these people’s flag abuse?  Each armed with two ridiculously oversized flags, whose sharpened poles they use as weapons, they drag the supposedly sacred cloth thoughtlessly on the ground and even carelessly step on it – that’s aside from the desecration of the thick blue line on their coplover flags.  I vote ALL flags should be taken away from these seditious freaks.)

Santa Ana “justice.”

One lie the Trump Dead-Enders later told themselves and the world was that the Santa Ana Three were arrested on warrants.  False – they were not arrested, and had no warrants.  They also told themselves and the world that they had brass knuckles.  If that were true, they WOULD have been arrested.  Just like their LOSER President, these Dead-enders lie when they exhale.

The Santa Ana Three were left on the ground handcuffed and in pain while the police went over politely to the Dead-enders to get their side of things.  They have yet to talk to Jesse, or file a report.  My colleague Igmar Rodas is following up with the SAPD.

After fifteen minutes paramedics took the Three to the hospital, bruised, bloody, blinded, and one with a broken arm.  I talked to them tonight – two weeks later, the broken arm is still in a sling and healing, the big guy with the head wounds cannot do his UPS job because any strain of lifting weight makes his head bleed again.  They are looking for attorneys.  They are all having trouble caring for their families.  Chicanxs Unidxs has set up a GoFundMe for them.

And next time the Trump Dead-Enders come to town, especially to Santa Ana, more of us should be there, to witness, and to call them what they are – crazy, nasty, and LOSERS.

UPDATE March 25, 2021

Jeez, it’s about time!  Lil’ Kim Sorgente, possibly the most violent of the above offenders, was finally arrested two days ago on two charges of assault with a deadly weapon – i.e. bashing two of the local Santaneros over the head with his dented white megaphone.  The SAPD caught him – duh – in line waiting to speak at the Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday, probably against vaccines.  The guy has been so easy to find all these months, he’s always acting a fool in public, often a violent fool.  Now he’s in Theo Lacy, first on $25 grand bail, UNTIL the DA told the Judge that the FBI is “probably” wanting him for assaulting a Capitol Officer in the Jan 6 DC Insurrection.. so the Judge raised the bail to $125K!  Let’s hope they get Vargas next…

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