Jacking up the Big Rig!




It is just 41 days until Biden/Harris take over our Federal Government.  We certainly applaud their efforts to name new Cabinet Members early and get a good running start on a Federal Renewal that we all can remember for many years to come.  Having determined that the Global Pandemic regarding Corona-Virus 19 is being addressed by Big Pharma – Pfizer and Moderna for starters, the hope is that this will prevent a total meltdown of society as we know it.  This concept might be considered the method a desperate man might do by taking his life savings to Las Vegas and putting it all on Red….on the Roulette table.  First of all MRNA Technology, which is being used in these so-called 95% effective dead vaccines is being tried for the first time in World History.  There are no other Vaccines that have employed this technology that can be studied by Independent Researchers and Scientists.  This is the oldest story around:  “Sounds good to us!”  As our dear friend and colleague Congressman Bill Dannemeyer used to say:  “The proof is in the pudding!”

The greatest problems that the Global Community has ever faced are coming within the next two years.  The United States of America has moved its National Debt from $18 Trillion dollars in 2016 to $27 Trillion plus in 2020.  According to various Economic Advisors, because we have entered into a Global Economic Community our National Debt with Zero Percent Interest could prevail up to 6 times that number, which would take our National Debt upwards of $176 Trillion dollars: perhaps before 2035.

So, here are a few thought balloons for the incoming Administration:  Repair and Replace all Water Systems in the United States:  Cost: $1 Trillion dollars!  This cost should be the burden of the Federal Government, thusly not charging local residents and governments for an essential service.  Part of the this cost could include upwards of 15-30 Desalination Plants around the country.  No more lead pipe, no more cancer causing heavy metal unfiltered water.  Secondly, having the Federal Government prune and remove dead and beetle eaten Forestry in the United States on an Annual Bases: $438 million dollars!  Thusly preventing the lion share of Forest Wildfires in the United States.  Thirdly, Paying off all Student Loan Debt in the USA and starting over: $1.64 Trillion Dollars.  Fourth, Social Security in the United States currently pays around 178 Million US Citizens upwards of $980 Billion Dollars a year.  If they were to double that number, to make sure people could survive, and then the addition of moving up the Federal SSN to folks making $250K….the cost would be around $1,5 Trillion dollars a year.  Currently we are taking in fairly close to that with annual Surpluses.  Fifth, Medicare for all that need or want it:  Right now Part A and Part B will cost someone 65 or older about $203 bucks a month.  So, for just over $2400 a year……you can get Medical Coverage and Prescription Drug coverage.  Expanding Medicare for the current level of 44 million folks to all those receiving Social Security Benefits of 178 Million folks should be possible, since they are projecting that Medicare is left alone will rise to 78 million folks by 2030.  Medicare needs to be expanded in an educated and progressive way.  Optioned not Required!  For as many as the System can sustain with rationing.

As we address the largest Economic Meltdown in Global History…….the concept is simple:  Just inflate the cost of everything, then the deficits and Debt won’t mean much.  Have the Fed Print money faster than a speeding bullet.  Jimmy Carter thought that way….but didn’t have the Fed or the Wall Street Industrial Banks on board, because they were too busy laundering drug money from Central and South America.  The recent Government “Stimulus Checks” bumped a few folks over along with the so-called PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) act …..which allowed Businesses with less than 500 employees to borrow Millions, of which 50% or more will have to be repaid.  Honestly, most of those loans were for around $200K….with 1.66 Million Companies taking advantage of it.  only 16 thousand got over a Million bucks or more.  Some of those companies have taken the money and invested it in the Stock Market however – “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise Sergeant!” – says Gomer Pyle!  Don’t forget:  “The Rich always get richer!”  Meanwhile, folks on fixed income and those out of work with kids…..are on the verge of being Homeless and helpless forever.  It is essential that those on Unemployment, get the added cash now to see them through this very long term downturn. The six hundred a week, might even allow them to buy paper towels and toilet paper.  In 2021, Social Security recipients are supposed to get 1.3% increase.  Military folks 3%.  The cost of food since December of 2019 has now risen by a conservative guess of 120%.

The current Pandemic it can be argued was caused by a major Sea Change to our Global Community.  EV’s , AI, Robotics, Drones and of course DNA Medical Research….to extend life as we know it without infirmities.   We have a very overpopulated planet, where supplies are becoming less available that can be sustained.  Folks will argue this of course as they fly over empty areas around our country or the Gobi and Sahara Deserts…..but we are truly running out of air to breathe, water to drink and a place to put our trash and sewer goods.  Ah, but that argument has been going on quite some time.  In the 1950’s we had empty Freeways.  In 2020, we have clogged roads and crazy drivers.  Progress they say.  Our country right now is like a Big Rig Double Truck and Trailer on the side of the Freeway on the Grapevine Hill.  Outside it is freezing cold.  We have two flat tires on each side of the last trailer.  We need an Industrial Jack to lift the heavy load and change the tires…that are either worn out or defective.  Do not forget Global Warming/Climate Change is caused by OVER POPULATION!

The truth is:  We need to Jack up the Big Rig!  And do a bunch of things to FIX IT!

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