Breaking: People’s Homeless Task Force prevails against Stadium Heist (so far)




Just wanted to be the first to let you know, that, in the People’s Homeless Task Force’s Brown Act lawsuit against the City of Anaheim for negotiating what has to be Orange County’s greatest land heist ever in illegal secrecy, we have prevailed bigtime today as State Superior Court Judge David Hoffer refused to throw out our suit as Anaheim requested.  And the People’s Homeless Task Force continues to build on their record of being one of the OC’s biggest change makers (after forcing the county and cities to build shelters a couple years ago.)

Next week our attorney Kelly Aviles, an undefeated Brown Act litigator, will attempt to “bifurcate” two issues in the case – first going after documents that SHOULD be public and are being improperly kept secret; and THEN proceeding with the Brown Act claim with that much more evidence under our belt.

But we don’t want it to happen too quickly.  The criminal conspirators are trying to shove this through as quickly as possible, feeling in the air that they are very likely to lose their council majority as the good folks of Anaheim wake up to their corruption.  So they’re trying to rush through the development details by the end of this month.  No matter.  When Judge Hoffer rules in our favor that the deal was illegally negotiated, the entire edifice will topple, and it’s better if THAT happens when we have an honest council in place.

So that’s another angle from which we’re fighting this heist – electing honest councilmembers who have taken a stand against it, as well as pursuing the recall of the bottomlessly corrupt Mayor Harry Sidhu.  There’s other angles – there’s likely to be a land-use lawsuit holding that the development project requires an EIR which will buy us another six months; and Dr. Howard Knohl is considering a ballot measure rescinding the deal (which may not be necessary.)

But all good Anaheim citizens & residents are fighting this heist any way they know how.  We are NOT giving up our billion-dollar property for next to nothing – and the price WILL be going down to zero or lower once the culprits settle on their “Project Labor Agreement” paying off the corrupt building trades unions for their sturdy support.  We will not be giving up this priceless property for nothing, the team will be the Anaheim Angels, and we will find a way to build the Anaheim Performing Arts Center where the Grove is.

A lot more details and thoughts coming up… but wanted to let you know before the Times and Register do.

Here’s the Voice a few hours ago, before this was a sure thing.

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