PLUTO’S RETURN to the USA: The Orange Juice Oracle Explains these Dizzying Times.




These are certainly… unusual times that we find ourselves living in.  And there are some noteworthy planetary influences in process that might help us come to terms with where we are, as a nation.

Different countries have their own unique astrology chart that can be used to track cycles. The birth chart for the USA is currently in the midst of a Pluto return – meaning Pluto has made one revolution around the Sun since its “birth,” and has returned to its original natal placement. One revolution around the Sun for Pluto amounts to approximately 240 years. The U.S. is a young country so the Pluto return, and all it signifies, is unprecedented.

Pluto is a profoundly powerful, transformative force.  Countries can be wiped off the map under powerful Pluto transits. Under the same influence a country could rise from the ashes and become newly vibrant and alive. Pluto represents death and rebirth. What festers beneath the surface is exposed. An invisible or secret source of rot is revealed. The truth is highlighted in ways that demand a profound change.

You can fight to put the genie back in the bottle but risk being destroyed in the process. A confrontation with yourself and the past is inevitable when Pluto takes over. Change or perish is the mandate.

Death can be literal – as in waging war and suffering painful losses.  OR it can represent loss of meaning – like the hollowing out of an idea that once felt meaningful and purpose-driven.

For the U.S. this is undeniably a time of reckoning.  The time frame for our ongoing massive, transformational change would seem to be mid-summer 2019 to May 2023.

The invisible source of rot for the U.S. is a refusal to acknowledge or to make amends for the exploitative strategies that were used to build the framework and foundation for a successful nation. This country was built on the backs of slaves, Native Americans were slaughtered, and the land was stolen from them. Pluto won’t let this slide.

Words of warning:

“The end doesn’t justify the means – the means are the end.”

– Gloria Steinem

The U.S. has a dark secret, and the kind of character defect that comes from years of pretending and ignoring inconvenient truths. Over the years we’ve essentially doubled down on the delusion that we’re destined to inherit the earth despite skipping a few important steps along the way. It’s been neurotically important that countries around the world buy into the notion that we are well-intentioned, morally superior, and entitled to lead the entire world in the right direction. In case you don’t buy into that we have the kind of military power that might convince you not to mention any inconsistencies you notice.

The world might give the U.S. a pass (for all the wrong reasons) but Pluto won’t. Ready or not it’s time to confront the truth we’ve spent lifetimes ignoring.

As Americans, our legacy is an enduring a psychic wound inflicted during this country’s gestational phase. Like it or not the wound continues to exert an increasingly powerful/distorting influence as long as it’s allowed to fester beneath the surface.

A simple acknowledgement of the truth can be transformative. The fact we’ve spent a couple centuries ignoring and forgetting speaks to how difficult this can be.

The past can’t be changed, but in the tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous, amends can be made that serve to restore a sense of integrity and genuine power.

As a country it might be good to make a list of all persons/countries we have harmed and to willingly make amends.

Reparations might symbolize a way to take steps we skipped in the interest of restoring the health and vitality of the nation.

The young people of our Nation seem ready to make this happen.

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