The nation’s “MASKERS” keep up the good fight against the VIRUS.




They call us “MASKERS,” I learned while watching the Tuesday May 26 Board of Supervisors meeting, that’s what they call the 74% of us (90% of Democrats, 60% of Republicans) who still believe in science, who keep following social-distancing and mask-wearing guidelines because we realize the VIRUS ain’t killed yet, and we won’t rest till it is.

Who calls us that?  Why, the SPREADERS do, the 26% of Americans who – egged on by their dear leader Donald Trump – have given up on the fight, and – on a wide variety of asinine pretexts – pride themselves on flouting these anti-virus norms.  There were more than seventy of them there at that meeting, and they believe all SORTS of outlandish things:

  • They’ve got all the pseudo-science you can shake a stick at, to prove that wearing masks is HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH, as well as NOT even 100% effective (so what, looking both ways before you cross the street also isn’t.)
  • Other pseudoscience informs them reliably that Covid-19 is a vastly overblown hoax, not much worse than a slightly bad flu.  Further, pseudo-math teaches them that Covid-19’s mortality rate is around 0.00-something percent.
  • They have a special understanding of the Constitution under which any kind of shared sacrifice against a common threat (like a virus) is an unconstitutional affront;  and some of them warned they may have to resort to “Second Amendment remedies.”  (I guess that means shooting the Supervisors if they don’t get their way.)
  • They’re dumbly, unteachably, attached to the notion that the wearing of a mask is only for protecting ONESELF, rather than a collective effort to kill the virus (because these sorts of people can only wrap their minds around selfishness.)
  • They think they are a new “civil rights movement,” they think Governor Newsom and County Health Officer Nichole Quick are very similar to Hitler, and most comically they think they’re in the majority.
  • They threaten to “boycott” any business or establishment that makes them social-distance or wear masks.  Doesn’t this minority realize that to be boycotted by them would be a GOOD THING?  The rest of us won’t have to deal with their rude recklessness as we patronize our RESPONSIBLE places – and we’ll avoid the droplet-saunas the spreaders will frequent & infect.

Yes, about 70 of these spreaders showed up Wednesday to complain about, and sometimes threaten over, Dr. Quick’s “strong recommendation” over the weekend that masks should be worn during the next phase of opening-up whenever social-distancing isn’t possible.  I think I recognized a few of them from last month’s “numb-nuts” protests; it was largely the same crowd. 

Now under protection from these psychos.

And they were organized, to be there, by SOMEBODY.  They all suddenly decided it was their turn to talk about masks when the Board was in the middle of Item 2, “how to dispense $75 million in Federal Cares Act money.”  Michelle Steel kept begging them to address the item at hand, and sometimes flipped off their mikes in frustration (until Wagner intervened.)  One insistent woman snapped, “They told us to talk about it NOW!”  Michelle asked, as I would have, “Who is THEY?”  No answer was forthcoming.

You may have heard by now that one insane lady, convinced that Dr. Quick is murdering people with her mask recommendation, gave out Quick’s address and threatened to bring a crowd of people to do calisthenics in masks on her doorstep until they all die, and then have Nichole charged with murder.  As none of the Supervisors EVER listen to any public comments even if they agree with them, the outing of Quick went by with nobody noticing or objecting… until several minutes later when somebody apparently brought it to Steel and Wagner’s attention and they expressed great disapproval and outrage!  (Way too late.) 

Well, I thought you might want to know who it was that did that – it’s a Costa Mesa anti-vaxer called Leigh Taylor Dundas, who claims to be a “human rights attorney,” and just take a quick listen to her psychosis.  (This rant has already made her a minor celebrity in the spreader circles; Nichole’s address has been redacted.)

It’s because of shit like this that Dr. Quick has been under the protection of the Sheriff, and speaking of Sheriff Don Barnes, he also made it clear Wednesday that he won’t be enforcing any state laws that he doesn’t agree with – including masks, social-distancing, and occupancy rules for all the churches who announced Wednesday that they’re intending to flaunt them. 

Yeah, that was the other big item Wednesday, the Steel motion to declare churches “essential services” which passed unanimously because what politician wants to go against that?  But also I don’t really see what it accomplished – “essential” or not, chuches are still supposed to abide by the state guidelines – no crowds bigger than 100 if outside, and if inside, a limit of 100 people or 25% full, whichever’s smaller.   (I’ll listen again to that part of the meeting to let you know which churches are intending to flaunt those guidelines, but you probably weren’t going there anyway.)

Yes, our OC Sheriff is perhaps not quite as fringe as that mob of angry SPREADERS, but he is every inch as fringe as our two Fringe Supervisors, Don Wagner and Michelle Steel.  (The latter of whom, also convinced of the uselessness of masks, spent a lot of time lamely trying to argue science with OC Health Care Agency Director Clayton Chau.)  Don’t forget to thank “Democrat” politicians Lou Correa and Tom Daly for endorsing a draconian, ICE-loving, Trump-following, jailhouse-snitch-scandal-complicit Sheriff when there was a good reformist Democrat (Duke Nguyen) running against him.

Meanwhile remember that only about a quarter of Americans are Spreaders, even though they’re loud and angry, and they make things harder for the rest of us.  And still we proud patriotic MASKERS carry on the fight against Covid 19, for all of us!


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